Erotic Ink 160mm 10 Speed If You Love Me

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Rocks Off, Bullet Massager, 10 Speed, 160mm, If You Love Me Massager

Rocks Off

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Erotic Ink 160mm 10 Speed If You Love Me

10 Speed RO-160mm If You Love Me To have, to hold, to fall in lust. Surrender to the passion as this gorgeous pleasure bullet drives you wild with its powerful pulsations after each erotic buzz. Exclusively designed by Lal Hardy for all lovers of the RO Bullet range but now it's fully inked and oh so very seductively beautiful. Lal Hardy is a familiar, larger than life figure on the international tattoo scene. He has also worked within the industry as a show organiser and Secretary of The Association of Professional Tattoo Artists, a post he held for 15 years. Lal has written books, is a regular contributor to publications, and has also advised and appeared on numerous TV shows. Lal Hardy can be found inking his regular clients as well as a host of celebrities and musicians through to the very highest paid UK professional footballers at his New Wave Studio in London. "It's given me a huge buzz to work with Rocks-Off to create the Erotic Ink range and I know it's going to give everyone who uses them an even bigger buzz! Let the fun begin!

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