BS Atlier G Spot Sport Tokyo

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BS Atelier

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G Spot Sport Tokyo Large


The BS Atlier G Spot Dildos have a special curved form intended for the stimulation of the G-spot if we like vaginal penetration or the P-spot if we prefer anal penetration. The base is wide enough for insertion in BS harnesses for hands-free penetration of our partner, and also wide enough for anal penetration as this practice has its limits.


Large - Base Diameter - 80mm, Largest Insertable Diameter - 50mm, Tip Diameter - 35mm, Insertable Length - 180mm

Handmade 100% Silicone


I’m afraid that I won’t be articulate or eloquent enough to tell you just how good this dildo really is. Some dildos you want to fuck hard and fast but others, like the BS Atelier G-spot Sports Tokyo, are the kind you want to slow down and take your time with. By far, the Sports Tokyo is one of the prettiest dildos. It looks like it’s made of candy and it is one sweet dildo. But this dildo has much more than good looks, it has fantastic feels too.

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