Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory
Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory

Key Features:

  • Realistic Entry Hole
  • Tight fitting, stretches to fit most dicks
  • Hand Held Design with rippled outside
  • Male Masturbation Toy with Textured Canal

Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Elevate joy with Vivid Raw Stroker. Soft, supple, and hilariously pleasurable. Dive into laughter and pleasure. Shop now for a good time!

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Product Description

Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory

Welcome to the side-splitting, thigh-slapping, and mind-bending world of the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory—a stroker that's not just here to enhance your pleasure; it's here to make you question if you accidentally stumbled into a comedy club instead of an adult toy store. Get ready for an epic journey where laughter meets ecstasy in a wild and unforgettable ride.

A Comedy of Pleasure: Picture this: You, a cozy night, and the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory. It's not just a stroker; it's a comedy show waiting to happen. From the super-tight opening that's tighter than your grip on the last slice of pizza to the mind-blowing explosions that won't require a cleanup crew, this is an adventure you won't soon forget. Grab your popcorn—just kidding, grab your lube—and let the hilarity ensue.

The VIP Entrance to Pleasure: The fuck buddy stroker doesn't mess around when it comes to entrances. The super-tight pussy opening is the VIP entrance to pleasure town. It's so exclusive; it's like getting a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, only the factory is your wildest fantasies, and Willy is the vivid imagination behind this adult toy.

Dual Density Chamber Drama: The dual density chamber is where the real drama unfolds. Uniquely textured and contoured, it's like a gripping novel that you can't put down—only it's a stroker, and you won't want to put it down for entirely different reasons. Experience intensified suction that will leave you questioning if you accidentally discovered the secret to perpetual joy.

Soft, Supple, and Sensationally Hilarious: Crafted from smooth, unscented phthalate-free Pure Skin TPR, this stroker is softer than a baby's bottom and more entertaining than a sitcom marathon. The detailed design is sensuous and life-like, making you question if you accidentally ordered a magician instead of a sex toy. It comfortably engulfs your erect penis, proving that laughter really is the best medicine.

Plunge Deep into the Ultra Tight Opening: Take a leap into the ultra-tight pussy opening that's tighter than your budget after a weekend shopping spree. Let the textured sleeve work its magic as you slide and glide back and forth, creating a sensation that might just convince you that laughter and pleasure are a match made in heaven. It's like having your cake and eating it too, only the cake is pleasure, and eating it is, well, exactly what you're doing.

Maintenance-Stroker Magic: Who needs high maintenance when you've got a maintenance-stroker? Perfect for self-gratification whenever you're in the mood for some intimate fun, this stroker is low-maintenance and drama-free. It's your go-to companion for a joyous solo adventure, ensuring that you're never left hanging, literally or figuratively. No strings attached, just like your favorite sitcom.

Silky Soft and Stretchy (Like Your Favorite Sweater): The silky soft and stretchy chamber is like slipping into your favorite sweater—it just feels right. It extends and prolongs personal pleasure and satisfaction, leaving you wondering if you accidentally stumbled upon the fountain of eternal joy. Perfect for first-time and experienced users because, let's face it, pleasure has no prerequisites.

Heightened Sensitivity (Bring Out the Confetti): For heightened sensitivity, because we're all about turning up the volume, always use a quality lubricant with this toy. It's the confetti that makes the party even better. Before and after play, clean the smooth and textured chamber with mild soapy water or a toy cleaner spray because even your new buddy needs a bath now and then.


  • Masturbator: 6.25" x 3.25" / 16cm x 8.25cm

Safety Disclaimer: While this stroker is designed for laughter-inducing pleasure, we do not recommend using it as a microphone at an actual comedy club. Leave the stand-up to the professionals, and let the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory be your backstage pass to personal joy.

Conclusion: A Laughter-Packed Pleasure Party: In conclusion, the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory is not just an adult toy; it's an invitation to a laughter-packed pleasure party. It's a fusion of hilarity, pleasure, and satisfaction, creating a stroker that is as entertaining as it is deeply satisfying. Get ready to laugh, moan, and maybe even snort in delight because this buddy is ready to make you question why you didn't invite it to your life sooner.

Get your ticket to the comedy show in your pants, and let the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy Ivory be your hilarious companion in the journey of self-discovery and pleasure. Say yes to hands-free ecstasy, laughter, and a good time because this buddy is not just a stroke of genius; it's a stroke of pure hilarity.


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