Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit
Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit
Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit

Key Features:

  • Flirty Finger Fun: Cheeky and playful, this finger-like plug brings laughter and pleasure to the forefront of your backdoor adventures.
  • The Cone: Advanced: Elevate your comedy routine with this advanced plug, ensuring your backdoor becomes the stage for hilariously satisfying pleasure.
  • Curvalicious: Adding glamour and laughter to your playtime, Curvalicious is designed to make your backdoor adventures as entertaining as they are satisfying.
  • Classic Medium: A reliable classic for timeless enjoyment, this medium-sized plug is your trusty sidekick for backdoor hilarity.
  • Tapered “Thin Man”: The perfect guide for beginners, Thin Man offers a smooth and slender entry into the world of backdoor bliss.

Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit

Manufacturers: Icon Brands

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Elevate your backdoor play with the Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit – buy now and turn your pleasure into a comedy extravaganza!

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Product Description

Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit

Ready to turn your backdoor into a playground of pleasure? Look no further – the Icon Brands Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit is here to make your intimate moments hilariously enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying! With six cheeky anal play toys crafted from body-safe TPR, this kit is not just your average collection of plugs; it's an invitation to explore, experiment, and embark on a journey of backdoor bliss.

Let's introduce you to the cast of characters in this comedy of pleasure:

1. Flirty Finger Fun: This mischievous finger-like plug is here to tickle your fancy and make your backdoor play delightfully amusing.

2. The Cone: Advanced: Feeling like a backdoor superhero? The Cone is for you! It's not just a plug; it's your ticket to advanced levels of anal awesomeness.

3. Curvalicious: For those who appreciate a little curve in their adventures, Curvalicious is here to add a touch of sass and spice to your playtime.

4. Classic Medium: Some classics never go out of style. This medium-sized plug is a reliable companion for a classic and enjoyable backdoor experience.

5. Can't Bead It!: This one is a game-changer! Can't Bead It! adds a twist to your play, ensuring your backdoor fun is nothing short of extraordinary.

6. Tapered “Thin Man”: Sleek, slender, and oh-so-inviting, Thin Man is perfect for beginners, making your initial foray into backdoor bliss as smooth as possible.

Why settle for mundane when you can infuse your intimate moments with a dash of humor and a splash of excitement? This kit is more than just plugs; it's a comedy special starring your backdoor, and every act is a burst of joy and pleasure.

But wait, there's more! Crafted from body-safe TPR, these toys prioritize your safety while ensuring that every moment is filled with laughter and delight. Whether you're a backdoor enthusiast or just starting your journey, the Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit is your golden ticket to a world of hilariously satisfying pleasure.

Ready to add a touch of comedy to your backdoor play? Grab the Try-Curious Anal Plug Kit now, and let the laughter-filled adventures begin!


Welcome to the rebellious realm of pleasure brought to you by Icon Brands, the disruptors in the adult toy scene since 2013. We're not your average crew; we're the mischief-makers, and we're here to spill the beans on our stars – Bel Ami, Evil Angel, and Falcon Icon adult toys.

Think of our toys as more than just playthings; they're like unwrapping a surprise party – thrilling and downright electrifying. Crafted with ninja precision, our gems are here to shatter expectations, leaving you breathless and hungry for more.

So, what sets Icon Brands apart as the crème de la crème? It's not just about meeting standards; it's an investment in pure bliss. Your pleasure matters to us, and we've made it our mission to infuse satisfaction into every aspect of our offerings.

Whether you're exploring kits for vaginas, diving into BDSM adventures, or paying homage to the phallus, we've got you covered. As trailblazers, we redefine adult pleasure, pushing boundaries to give it an entirely new meaning.

But why should you choose Icon Brands? It's as straightforward as a high-five – professionalism and excellence. Your pleasure is our top priority. Our collection is a resounding declaration of our commitment to providing an experience that stands above the rest.

In a world as diverse as your desires, Icon Brands is your go-to for something extraordinary. When it comes to adult toys that redefine the game, trust us, nothing else even comes close. Take your pleasure to new heights – choose Icon Brands for innovation, satisfaction, and pure excellence that's bound to blow your mind. Here's to surpassing your wildest expectations – cheers!

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