Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2
Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2

Key Features:

  • A huge choice of 20 functions!
  • Ultra-discreet wireless control
  • Double-dipped silicone is whisper-soft
  • Quick, versatile recharging
  • Bullet shape is wonderfully precise!

Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2

Manufacturers: Novel Creations

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Elevate your pleasure with Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2 – Powerful, rechargeable, and mind-blowingly intense. Experience the NU generation.

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Product Description

Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2

Experience a revolution in personal stimulation with the Sensuelle Point 20 Function V2 Vibrator by Novel Creations – the NU generation in intimate pleasure. Get straight to the point and elevate your satisfaction with a bullet that exceeds all expectations. Don't settle for anything less powerful – the Sensuelle Point is here to redefine what a good bullet is.

Twice dipped in silicone, this powerful bullet boasts an ultra-smooth, silky, and sensual feel. It's not just beautiful to touch; it's mind-blowingly intense. With an incredible 20 functions, this rechargeable bullet stands out as a new breed, a super bullet that transcends the ordinary. It's a phenomenon to be marveled at, causing sensations that go beyond the expected.

Water-resistant and designed for optimal pleasure, the Sensuelle Point is a compact yet powerful device that's easy to handle and effortlessly enhances your intimate experiences. It's not just a bullet; it's a sensory journey waiting to be explored.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? The Sensuelle Point is more than just a sex toy; it's an expression of pleasure and sophistication. It's the super bullet you've been waiting for – powerful, versatile, and unlike anything you've ever touched. One touch of this incredible bullet is all it will take to elevate your pleasure to new heights.



Experience True Excellence with Novel Creations as we proudly introduce you to the Nu Sensuelle Range of Intimate Delights. At Novel Creations, we are dedicated to crafting pleasure, safety, and innovation, and our Nu Sensuelle sex toys are no exception. These exceptional devices are here to redefine your satisfaction, offering an elevated level of intimacy and pleasure that will leave you breathless.


When you choose Nu Sensuelle, you're choosing to elevate your vibe in ways you've never imagined. Our premium sex toys are meticulously designed to inspire the sensually curious, guiding them toward new heights of pleasure and connection. Whether you're seeking powerful vibrations, unique features, or an array of options to create orgasmic sensations, Nu Sensuelle has you covered.


Our Nu Sensuelle vibrators and massagers are renowned for their ability to deliver powerful, exquisite vibrations. We understand that pleasure is deeply personal, which is why our products are crafted with care to meet your every desire. Each of our creations is a testament to our commitment to providing you with an experience that's tailored to your unique preferences.


In the world of intimate exploration, Nu Sensuelle stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality. We believe in embracing the art of pleasure, and our products are thoughtfully designed to help you unlock new realms of ecstasy. With Nu Sensuelle, you're not just choosing a sex toy; you're choosing a gateway to unparalleled intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction.


Dive into the world of Nu Sensuelle, where excellence and ecstasy collide to create a realm of sensual exploration like no other. It's time to elevate your intimate experiences and redefine your satisfaction with the innovative, safe, and pleasurable creations from Novel Creations' Nu Sensuelle range.

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Reviewed By: Anonymous On 04-05-2016 

When it comes to vibrators, Nu is brand that gathers most of the features that luxury brands offer, but with a more competitive value for money. The Sensuelle Point is a unique, POWERFUL bullet that has been designed to stimulate both clitoris and labia. Most women have clitorial orgasms and find it difficult to reach them while having penetration, unless they also stimulate the clitoris simultaneously. This is where the Sensuelle Point can really make a difference during couples' play. Powerful vibrations, water resistance, ultra-smooth, silky safe silicone exterior, easy-to-use controls, rechargeable... are some of the features that makes this toy stand out. With a soft texture, the toy is shaped with a pointed en so the vibrations are concentrated at the tip. The size, which is slightly bigger than the Tango, makes it a toy that can be comfortably handled. It can even be inserted slightly for some internal stimulation. Up to twenty vibration patterns guarantee long hours of self exploration. It is rechargeable with a USB adapter an 4 hours of charge will give 60 minutes of play. It can be use with water-based lubricants, which will enhance the experience. After use, as it is water resistant, the cleaning is very easy with warm soapy water or antibacterial toy cleaner for a higher hygiene.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous On 05-16-2016 

Firstly I want to thank Steve Jobs (May he rest in peace) for creating the Iphone, because if it wasn't for the Iphone, Tinder which is the world's greatest app second to Angry Birds would not have been created. If you don't already know about Tinder, it is an application on the phone where you swipe left (to reject) or right (to accept and chat) people in your area. Now you can get some common interests for example a friend from school or awkwardly a relative but this is just a small embarrassment from the larger sum of satisfaction that you can gain from Tinder. Anyway I'm detracting from the story. I was at home one night and I was bored swiping my life away on Tinder, it sort of sounded like this, "no", "no", "i think im related to her" "no", "oh she is cute", "no", "well hello hello cutie", "no'. Then all off a sudden I received the best news of my life. "Congratulations, You got a match." and I moved my thumb towards the notification saying please be hot, please be hot this blonde girl pops on my screen. Jackpot! Hazel eyes, beautiful blonde hair, these cute dimples. It was defiantly love at first swipe!. I made the first move, I sat there thinking of something catchy to say, something real witty where she will turn around and say oh his a smooth operator i would defiantly have sex with him. So i thought of the wittiest line i had in my arsenal "HEY" Who knew that "HEY" could lead to 5 hours of constant banter and then the invitation to come over. God I love Tinder. So after going to the gym, going home, checking myself out in the mirror naked, abit of self confidence boosting talk, and a little bit to much aftershave, i headed to her house! Her name was Claire by the way if anyone was wondering. Now Claire was the same age as me, 20, and she lived very close to me, about 10 minutes drive but had no mutual friends. Thank God for tinder, truly bring the world closer. As soon as I arrived to her apartment, she opened the door and there she was in black lace bra and panties set, with a garter belt connecting to her stockings. It was on. I paced over, and lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom while we were kissing each other passionately, the mouth, the neck, she was nibbling my ear lobe and putting her tongue down my ear. Kinky, I liked that. I take her down to the bed, as soon as she is laying there she leans forward and takes my top off, we are still passionately kissing, little words had been said. It started to get even more heated with my belt coming off, and her quickly taking unbuttoning my jeans. I liked her lingerie so I teased her by leaving it on for longer. She started playing with me using her tans, whilst her lips were still working themselves up and down my neck. She pulls back for a second and reaches into her draw, automatically in my head I said "Here we go, another axe murderer", oh wait it is not a knife she is pulling out, it was a tube and by the looks of it, it was flavored. I took a closer look at the bottle and it was my favorite WetStuff Salted Caramel flavored lube. She started to squeeze it in drops on my chest all the way down to my pelvis, she chased the drops with her tongue until she worked her way down to my penis, she lined my shaft with this sticky caramel lube and ate it all. I was in heaven. I picked her up again and took her to the dining room table where i layed her flat and just made love to her. Then again i picked her up and took her to the bed. She reached over for the second time and pulled out a little bullet. It was the 20 function NU Sensuelle, as we were in missionary she started to serenade her clitoris with it. Then all of a sudden in between her moans she started laughing, I asked her what was funny and she replies "You sold me this toy about a year ago, and now I'm using it while you're fucking me". If that is not satisfaction, I do not know what is. We continued until she came from the vibrations of the bullet, and then it was my turn. If it wasn't for the bullet, I don't think I could of got her to where she wanted to go. NU 20 Function Sensuelle Point Bullet is a must have!!!!!

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Nick, Oh Zone Penrith On 06-03-2016 

We have soooooo many of these AND for the best reason, THEY SELL THEMSELVES, they create their own demand and luckily we have the supply. Much like Pablo Escobars empire These beautiful toys are like an opiate to the sexual side. The 20 functions range from Low to INSANE power and multi function modes. I love these products. They come with a stylish charging dock as you can see above the bullet simply just sits in this dock and charges up fantastically quick and easy. They are multi purpose, can be used in any orifice and the button for mode changes is simply at the bottom which makes it increasingly easy to use. They come in a range of colour to suit anybody's needs and also won the 2014 Storerotica Award. They're great to use on the clitoris and on the inside and even have certain ones like the Sensuelle Curve that hits the Gspot like a gold finder. Fantastically smooth exterior which makes them ideal for people seeking comfort, pleasure and an all around fun time, multiple times customers have come in and said " I have this toy, it's lasted 3 years i want another one where are they!" and then they easily purchase another one no if's or buts, they just love it. Reasonably priced at $74.99 these toys are the number 1# bullet i show to customers before they want to see anything else Much like Vodka of the day they go through a rigorous testing to ensure the best product comes packed, they are double dipped in silicone to make sure they're EXTRA soft and awesome to touch. They only weigh 30 Grams. 3 Inches in length Base width is 2.3 cm's and the tip is 1.9 inches wide They charge up via a USB or a electrical board, so you can even charge these in the car! or anywhere on the go with a powerbank. Toxin free so no worry to use a condom over them, they're completely safe for the body as mentioned. If you're even slightly thinking about getting a bullet get one of these as they're just fantastic

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Madge, Kemps Creek On 12-31-2016 

I always say it, but I am a succour for packaging and I love the quality of the sturdy boxes Nu sell their toys in. It isn't a gift box, the product is clearly on show under molded plastic. It looks a bit clinical in black and white, but I like that . It makes it look clean and safe in the way that those toys with a picture of a half naked lady with big hair make the products look a bit grubby. It is a slightly bigger bullet than the Tango and measures almost 4 inches long . It has, as the name suggests, a pointed end making it perfect for those that like pinpoint clitoral stimulation . It sits in the box with the small docking unit it stands in and a USB cord and an instruction booklet. Like all Nu toys, it also has a handy white satin drawstring bag to keep everything in. It is small enough to be inserted into other toys like Tantus dildos, or Fuze butt plugs. It could be inserted on its own but it doesn't have a flared base so you do that at your own risk. This is a vibe for external stimulation. It has a magnetic charge base which is plugged in to a USB cable. The bullet itself is waterproof. It comes in lots of lovely colours, green pink, purple, black and silver. It is covered in a silky smooth silicone that attracts zero dust. The silver colour is the exception and is made of plastic, giving the customer a choice of sensations. It comes with some charge in it but it is always best to charge a new toy up fully when you first get it. You don't want it to run out halfway through. It takes about 4 hours to charge and you get a good hour of play on top power for that. The charging base flashes when the toy is properly aligned in it and turns green when it is ready. Personally while I appreciate knowing when the toy is done charging I don't like sex toys that stand up flashing like the Eiffel Tower at new year, but that's just me.

4 Stars 4 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 12-10-2018 

My wife loves this little thing. Does the job perfectly. Great way to release stress anytime anywhere

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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