S&M Pearl Nipple Ties
S&M Pearl Nipple Ties
S&M Pearl Nipple Ties
S&M Pearl Nipple Ties

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Sensation: Customize the pressure with adjustable ties, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience tailored to your desires.
  • Visual Elegance: Three faux pearls create a weightless illusion, adding a touch of glamour and mystique to your intimate moments.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Delicately crafted for extended wear, these nipple ties provide a lightweight and comfortable experience without compromising on style.
  • Versatile Play: Suitable for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, offering versatility in sensation play for a range of pleasure preferences.
  • Glamorous Design: Gold accents and faux pearls combine for a luxurious aesthetic, transforming your body into a canvas of opulence and desire.

S&M Pearl Nipple Ties

Manufacturers: Sportsheets

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Elevate your intimacy with S&M Pearl Nipple Ties – adjustable, alluring, and oh-so-adored. Unleash the magic now!

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Product Description

S&M Pearl Nipple Ties

S&M Pearl Nipple Ties - Where Luxury Meets Desire

Indulge in the opulence of our S&M Pearl Nipple Ties, a decadent accessory designed to elevate your intimate moments into a symphony of luxury and desire. These ties are not just meant to be worn; they are an embodiment of sensuality, with each delicate feature crafted to provide you with a heightened experience like no other.


  1. Glamorous Design: Immerse yourself in the lavish allure of these nipple ties. The combination of gold accents and faux pearls creates a glamorous aesthetic, turning your body into a canvas for a sensual masterpiece.

  2. Adjustable Elegance: Tailor your experience with the adjustable 1.5-inch ties, allowing you to find the perfect balance between comfort and stimulation. Whether you prefer a gentle tease or a more intense embrace, these ties cater to your desires.

  3. Suspended Pearls: The three faux pearls, seemingly suspended in mid-air by clear ties, create an illusion of weightless elegance. This visual spectacle adds an element of mystique to your intimate moments, making each encounter a celebration of beauty and desire.

  4. Unleash Your Creativity: Versatility is at the core of these nipple ties, inviting you to explore various sensations during play. Experiment with different pressures and movements, allowing your creativity to guide you towards new realms of pleasure.

  5. Luxury for All: Crafted with both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts in mind, these nipple ties offer a luxurious experience that transcends levels of expertise. The lightweight design and user-friendly features make them accessible to anyone ready to embrace a touch of opulence.

Embrace the decadence of the S&M Pearl Nipple Ties, where each moment becomes a luxurious exploration of your desires. The careful combination of materials and design elements ensures not just an accessory but a symbol of your commitment to pleasure and self-indulgence.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Glamorous Aesthetic: Gold accents and faux pearls create a lavish design that transforms your body into a canvas of sensuality.

  2. Adjustable Comfort: Fine-tune your experience with 1.5-inch adjustable ties, providing a customized fit for your unique desires.

  3. Weightless Elegance: The illusion of suspended pearls adds an element of mystique, turning your intimate moments into a visual spectacle.

  4. Creative Exploration: Versatility invites you to explore various sensations, encouraging experimentation and creativity during play.

  5. Accessible Luxury: Crafted for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, these nipple ties offer a luxurious experience that transcends expertise levels, ensuring everyone can indulge in opulence.


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