Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit
Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit

Key Features:

  • 2.25" x 1.5" / 5.75cm x 3.75cm (Rabbit)
  • 5" x 1.75" / 12.75cm x 4.5cm (Shaft)
  • 7 functions of vibration
  • 3 rotation speeds and a reversible option
  • Waterproof and easy to use

Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Experience sophistication in pleasure. Buy the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit for sensual delights.

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Product Description

Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit

Sensual Symphony: Unveiling the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit

In the realm of intimate exploration, where desire meets innovation, the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit emerges as a beacon of pleasure, inviting you to a world where every touch is a caress, and every moment is a sensual symphony. Crafted by California Exotics, this high-end rabbit-style massager is not just a device; it's an experience waiting to unfold—a journey through the luxurious landscape of power, sophistication, and pure, unbridled pleasure.

Elevating Pleasure to New Heights: The Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit is designed for those who seek the pinnacle of pleasure, whether in the depths of solo play or the ecstasy of shared moments with a partner. As your fingers effortlessly navigate the streamlined controls, you're ushered into a world of possibilities—three powerful shaft rotation speeds, seven pulsation and escalation functions, and a soft, bunny-shaped clitoral teaser, each feature harmonizing to create a bespoke experience.

Luxurious Touch of Premium Silicone: As your fingers glide over the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit, the first touch reveals the sumptuous feel of premium silicone against your skin. The material is not just a choice; it's a statement—a commitment to a luxurious encounter that transcends the ordinary. The silicone, coupled with the ABS controller and stainless steel rotating beads, adds a touch of sophistication, turning this pleasure device into a work of art.

Anatomy of Pleasure: The discreet dimensions of 5" x 1.75" (12.75cm x 4.5cm) belie the power within. The contoured shaft houses six columns of reversible rotating beads, creating a textured journey of pleasure. A smooth, rounded tip adds an extra layer of sensation, while the bunny teaser, adorned with soft flickering ears, is poised to bring external pleasure to new heights. The Jack Rabbit is not just a vibrator; it's an orchestra of sensations, each note perfectly tuned to elicit pleasure in every crescendo.

Versatility in Every Setting: As the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit boasts a waterproof design, your playground extends beyond the bedroom. Immerse yourself in the shower, bath, or hot tub, letting the water enhance the sensory experience. This versatility ensures that whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time explorer, the Jack Rabbit is a reliable companion on your journey of pleasure.

Navigating Pleasure with Streamlined Controls: The beauty of pleasure lies in simplicity, and the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit understands this. The LED and soft-touch buttons on the streamlined controls offer an intuitive navigation experience. Alternate between the rotation speeds and pulsation functions effortlessly, allowing you to orchestrate your orgasmic crescendo with precision.

The Art of Intensified Pleasure: To embark on a journey of intensified pleasure, the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit encourages the use of a high-quality lubricant. This addition not only ensures a smooth glide but also heightens every touch, making each sensation more profound and every caress more decadent. It's not just about pleasure; it's about the art of pleasure perfected.

Effortless Maintenance for Continued Bliss: After the waves of pleasure have subsided, the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit remains a reliable companion, offering easy maintenance for continued bliss. A simple cleansing with warm soapy water or a specialized toy cleaner spray before and after each use preserves its premium quality, ensuring that every encounter feels as luxurious as the first.


  • Rabbit: 2.25" x 1.5" / 5.75cm x 3.75cm
  • Shaft: 5" x 1.75" / 12.75cm x 4.5cm

California Exotics Commitment: In alignment with California Exotics' commitment to quality, satisfaction, and safety, the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit embodies these principles. The body-safe silicone prioritizes your well-being, ensuring that every touch, every sensation, is not just pleasurable but also safe and luxurious.

Conclusion – A Symphony of Pleasure: In conclusion, the Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit is not just a sex toy; it's a sensual symphony waiting to be conducted by your desires. Elevate your intimate moments with the sophistication of power and the elegance of design. Order your Premium Silicone Jack Rabbit today and immerse yourself in a world where pleasure knows no bounds—a world where every touch is a note in the symphony of satisfaction.


Dive into the realm of adult lifestyle products with the unrivaled Jack Rabbit, the #1 best-selling pleasure companion by California Exotics. Elevate your intimate experiences to new heights as you embark on a journey of heightened pleasure and satisfaction.

Experience the sheer indulgence of Jack Rabbit Vibrators, designed to unlock the secrets of blissful encounters. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled pleasure, these vibrators offer a range of features, including multiple speeds, modes, and power options.

Each Jack Rabbit is meticulously crafted to cater to your unique desires, ensuring that you have the perfect tool to create moments of ecstasy. The thoughtfully designed features of these vibrators guarantee satisfaction, making them a trusted choice for those seeking a premium and customizable intimate experience.

Discover a world where pleasure knows no bounds, and satisfaction is not just a promise but a guarantee. Jack Rabbit Vibrators from California Exotics are your passport to a universe of pleasure, where every moment is an opportunity to indulge in the ultimate satisfaction. Choose the #1 selling Jack Rabbit and elevate your intimate escapades with a touch of sophistication and a surge of powerful sensations.

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Reviewed By: Sierra, Bondi, NSW On 05-28-2018 

Mmmmmmmm..... It is so effective. In my next round of shopping I'm going to have to buy another as I can't imagine ever not using it. Plenty of speed settings. The buttons on the handle are easy to reach and press. It's also made from silicone!!! The beads are strong but a bit loud.

4 Stars 4 of 5 Stars!


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