Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY
Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY
Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY
Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY
Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY
Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY

Key Features:

  • Girthy head for royal pleasure.
  • 10 powerful vibrating speeds and rhythms for customizable delights.
  • Elegantly simple remote for hands-free exploration.
  • Rigid stem and wide base for safe anal play.
  • Waterproof and submersible for aquatic adventures in your own pleasure pool.

Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY

Manufacturers: Playboy Pleasure

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Elevate your humor and pleasure with Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY - Rigid stem, 10 speeds, remote. Buy now!

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Product Description

Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY

Ahoy, fearless pleasure pioneers! If your nether regions are in need of an upgrade from the ordinary to the extraordinary, look no further than the Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY Butt Plug – where the backdoor escapades meet the button-pushing escapades in one delightful fusion of cheeky pleasure!

Let's dive into the magical world of Plug & Play, a land where your derrière becomes the VIP lounge of excitement. Crafted from the smoothest, most luxurious silicone known to humankind (or at least your intimate regions), this Butt Plug is not just a toy – it's a ticket to a carnival of sensations, and you're the master of ceremonies.

Now, let's talk about the main act – the girthy head. It's not just girthy for the sake of it; it's a thoughtful design choice that tapers to a rounded tip, ensuring that your behind experiences the kind of pleasure usually reserved for royalty. Think of it as a little crown for your caboose, because your derrière deserves nothing but the best.

And the name? Plug & Play – we weren't feeling particularly creative that day, but hey, simplicity is the key to success, right? It's like we've taken the high-tech ease of setting up your grandma's new TV and applied it to anal pleasure. Just plug it in, press play, and let the good times roll – because life's too short for complicated setups.

Now, the pièce de résistance – 10 powerful vibrating speeds and rhythms. We're talking vibrations that could rival a rock concert or mimic the beat of your favorite cheesy '80s disco tune. Choose your rhythm, find your groove, and let the dance of pleasure commence. It's like having a personal DJ for your derrière – we're just missing the mini disco ball.

But what if you're a multitasker? Fear not, dear pleasure-seeker, for the elegantly simple remote is here to liberate your hands. With a 9-meter range, you can explore new frontiers without being tethered to your pleasure station. So go ahead, play a round of miniature golf, bake cookies, or practice your interpretive dance routine – all while enjoying the symphony of sensations that Plug & Play has to offer.

Safety first, they say! No one wants a surprise visit to the ER because of a rogue butt plug. That's why Plug & Play comes equipped with a rigid stem and a wide base – your very own anal guardian angel, ensuring your exploration stays on the safe side. Think of it as a GPS for your backdoor adventures, minus the annoying voice commands.

For those who love to mix pleasure with aquatic adventures, Plug & Play is not just waterproof; it's fully submersible. Take it for a swim in the bathtub or bring it along for a pool party – just be prepared to have the most popular derrière at the gathering. It's like a pool floatie for your pleasure zones – just way more exciting.

Worried about the longevity of your pleasure companion? Fear not! The Plug & Play Butt Plug comes with a reassuring five-year warranty. That's five years of laughs, pleasure, and countless memorable moments – like a trusted friend who's always there to support you.

No need to stock up on batteries like you're preparing for the apocalypse; Plug & Play is rechargeable, and a USB cable is included for your convenience. Forget the hassle of constantly replacing batteries – your derrière deserves the luxury treatment.

Now, let's talk size. Standing at a height of 10.3 cm, with a depth of 4.2 cm and a width of 6.8 cm, Plug & Play is the Goldilocks of butt plugs. Not too big, not too small – just the right size for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. It's like the Goldilocks of derrière delights – always just right.

In conclusion, the Playboy Pleasure PLUG & PLAY Butt Plug is not just a toy; it's an adventure waiting to happen. So plug in, press play, and let the laughter and pleasure commence – because your derrière deserves to be the star of the show!


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