PIVOT Protector Waterproof Blanket
PIVOT Protector Waterproof Blanket
PIVOT Protector Waterproof Blanket
PIVOT Protector Waterproof Blanket

Key Features:

  • Triple-layered design with a waterproof inner lining for mess-free pleasure.
  • Hook and Loop compatible bottom layer for added pleasure with the Pivot™ Play-Pad.
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup.
  • Soft and cozy polyester and TPU material.
  • Generous dimensions (127 cm x 153 cm) for versatile use in spontaneous moments.

PIVOT Protector Waterproof Blanket

Manufacturers: Sportsheets

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Elevate pleasure and banish cleanup worries with the Pivot™ Protector Blanket. Get yours for a mess-free intimate adventure!

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Product Description

PIVOT Protector Waterproof Blanket

Prepare to throw caution, and the cleanup worries, to the wind with the Pivot™ Protector Waterproof Blanket – your secret weapon for mess-free pleasure! Because let's face it, life is messy, but your intimate moments don't have to be.

This isn't your grandma's blanket; it's a triple-layered masterpiece designed to shield your sheets and furniture from the unpredictable chaos that can come with pleasure. The silky soft exterior is like a gentle lover's touch, while the inner waterproof lining is the superhero cape, ready to repel any fluids or messes that dare come its way.

But wait, there's more! The bottom layer is Hook and Loop compatible, turning this waterproof wonder into a pleasure playground. Pair it with the all-new Pivot™ Play-Pad, and suddenly your cleanup routine becomes an extension of your pleasure journey. It's like having a secret weapon against boredom – pleasure and practicality in one cozy package.

Concerned about cleanup? Fear not! This protector is machine washable with warm water, ensuring that even the most passionate encounters won't leave a lasting mark. Tumble dry with no heat or air dry, and it's ready for action again. It's the blanket that keeps on giving – pleasure, protection, and a spotless reputation.

And let's talk dimensions – a generous 127 cm x 153 cm. Big enough to cover the action but compact enough for spontaneous adventures. It's like having a magic shield that fits perfectly into your pleasure arsenal.

The material? Polyester and TPU – because pleasure deserves a luxurious touch, even when it comes to protective gear. The color? Sleek black – because style should never be compromised, even in the heat of the moment.

In summary, the Pivot™ Protector Waterproof Blanket isn't just a blanket; it's a commitment to mess-free pleasure. Throw it anywhere, let spontaneity reign, and enjoy your most intimate moments without worrying about the aftermath. Get your protector now and redefine the way you experience pleasure!


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