Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem
Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem
Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem
Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem
Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem
Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Body-Safe Glass
  • Tapered Shape Designed for Easy Insertion
  • Temperature Play
  • Sculpted Gem Base
  • Bonus PowerBullet® with 3 LR44 Batteries Included

Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem

Manufacturers: BMS Factory

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Elevate pleasure with Pillow Talk Fancy Glass Anal Plug. Sculpted gem base, easy insertion, and temperature play. Experience sophistication in every detail.

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Product Description

Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug w Clear Gem

Unlocking Elegance and Sensuality: Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug with Clear Gem

In the intimate world of pleasure, where desire and sophistication collide, the Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug emerges as a beacon of opulence—an accessory designed to elevate your sensual experiences to unparalleled heights. Let's embark on a journey into the world of Fancy, where every curve, sparkle, and sensation tells a story of pleasure and luxury.

Shimmering Elegance: A Visual Delight

The Fancy Glass Anal Plug transcends the boundaries of traditional pleasure accessories. Its interior is adorned with sparkling mini glass beads, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and texture that captivates the eyes. This isn't just a plug; it's a visual symphony, a piece of intimate art that invites you to explore pleasure with a touch of extravagance.

Adding to its allure is the exquisitely sculpted gem base—a lavish detail that transforms this anal plug into a jewel of pleasure. As you indulge in its shimmering elegance, you'll find that Fancy isn't merely a toy; it's an experience—a statement that pleasure should be as visually captivating as it is sensorially gratifying.

Effortless Insertion: A Journey of Comfort

Fancy has been crafted with your comfort in mind. The tapered shape of the plug ensures easy insertion, allowing you to embark on your pleasure journey with grace and ease. The glossy, smooth surface glides effortlessly, enhancing the tactile pleasure and making every movement a testament to the exquisite design.

The wide base of Fancy serves a dual purpose—it adds a layer of safety during use, ensuring the plug sits comfortably in place, and it becomes an aesthetic extension of the gem theme, completing the visual narrative. This isn't just a plug; it's a seamless fusion of form and function, where every detail contributes to a luxurious experience.

To enhance your journey, always introduce a quality silicone or water-based lubricant. This not only ensures the highest levels of comfort but also heightens the sensations, turning each movement into a symphony of pleasure. Fancy isn't just a tool for satisfaction; it's a companion that understands the importance of intimacy and comfort.

Temperature Play: An Exploration of Sensations

Crafted with Borosilicate glass, Fancy takes pleasure to new heights by retaining temperature. Imagine the thrill of experimenting with both hot and cold sensations, a journey where the glass becomes an extension of your desires. A simple run under hot or cold water transforms Fancy into a vessel of pleasure, ready to adapt to your body's temperature and offer a unique, thrilling experience every time.

This element of temperature play isn't just about physical sensations; it's about exploring the depths of your desires. It adds a layer of unpredictability and excitement, turning Fancy into a versatile companion that adapts to your mood and preferences.

Sleek and Hygienic: A Promise of Sensory Purity

The sleek, seamless surface of Fancy isn't just for visual appeal—it serves a practical purpose too. Easy to clean and ideal for those with sensitive skin, this glass anal plug ensures a hygienic and safe experience. Maintaining the allure of Fancy is simple; wash it well with soap and water or a quality toy cleaner before and after every use. This is more than a plug; it's a commitment to your well-being and satisfaction.

The Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. It's not just about physical pleasure; it's about indulging your senses in a luxurious escape, where every touch, movement, and sensation is a celebration of opulence.

Dimensions: A Perfect Fit for Every Desire

  • Total Length: 4 inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.2 inches
  • Plug Diameter: 1.2 inches

These dimensions aren't just measurements; they are a testament to the thoughtful design of Fancy. A size that caters to a variety of preferences, ensuring that every user finds the comfort and satisfaction they seek.

Get Fancy with Pillow Talk: A Call to Experience

In conclusion, the Pillow Talk Fancy Luxurious Glass Anal Plug with Clear Gem isn't just a sex toy; it's a journey into elegance, sophistication, and pleasure. It's an accessory that invites you to get fancy with your desires, to explore the boundaries of opulence, and to embrace a world where every intimate moment is a celebration of your sensual self.

Unlock the door to pleasure, elevate your experiences, and let Fancy be your guide in this journey of opulence and delight. Because when it comes to intimate pleasure, Fancy isn't just a choice; it's a statement—a statement that your desires deserve the finest.


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Reviewed By: Anna, Gelong On 04-14-2023 

I just love this clear glass butt plug, fits like a glove

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