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Zip Ties Ouch Extra Long

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You can tie your lover up with ease and know that they will have little chance of escape when it's the Ouch! Extended Zip Tie Cuffs you've put around their wrists or ankles. Zip tie cuffs are great restraint tool that every fetish enthusiast should have in their toy box. These plastic cuffs are great because they are flexible, easy to use, and extremely durable.


In fact, there so effective that riot police around the globe regularly use them for arrests. So when you want in easy way to detain and tie up your lover, trust what the experts use and encircle their limbs with this long and flexible plastic. It already comes in a double loop that makes them super easy to put on so there's no fiddling with configurations or trying to bend the plastic in certain ways. Just slip the wrists or ankles into the loops and slide them tight.


There are no keys to bother with, all you have to do to get out of these cuffs is cut them with a pair of scissors and throw them in the garbage. This extended version of the Ouch! cuffs gives you lots of room to experiment with and is more comfortable for wear around the ankles.

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