Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit
Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit
Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit
Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit
Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit

Key Features:

  • 2" x 1.25" / 5cm x 3.25cm (Small Exerciser)
  • 3.25" x 1.25" / 8.25cm x 3.25cm (Medium Excerciser)
  • 3.75" x 1.5" / 9.5cm x 3.75cm (Large Exerciser)
  • Phthalate free silicone
  • Retrieval cord

Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Experience the transformative power of pelvic wellness with the Inspire Weighted Kegel Training Kit. Strengthen love muscles and enhance satisfaction.

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Product Description

Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit

Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit: A Holistic Approach to Pelvic Wellness

In the pursuit of overall well-being, the Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit emerges as a beacon of empowerment and self-care. This meticulously crafted 3-piece set transcends the boundaries of traditional exercisers, offering a holistic approach to pelvic wellness that extends beyond the physical. Let's delve into the features, benefits, and the transformative journey this kit unfolds.

Ergonomic Excellence: Tailored for Your Comfort and Confidence

At the heart of the Inspire Weighted Kegel Training Kit is its commitment to your comfort and confidence. The ergonomic design takes into account the intricate nature of the female anatomy, ensuring that each exerciser seamlessly contours to your body. Crafted from silky smooth, phthalate-free premium silicone, the pastel pink hue not only adds a touch of elegance but also speaks to the kit's commitment to quality.

The three exercisers, each with a distinct size, are strategically designed to allow for a gradual progression in weight and intensity. This thoughtful approach ensures that users of all levels, from beginners to experienced individuals, can tailor their pelvic workout to their unique needs. The inclusion of an easy retrieval cord in each exerciser enhances comfort during use, making the experience discreet and user-friendly.

The Gradual Journey to Strength: A Comprehensive Workout Plan

The Inspire Weighted Kegel Training Kit encourages a gradual and progressive approach to pelvic wellness. Like any fitness regimen, it starts with a warm-up. Begin with the largest and lightest exerciser to allow your muscles to acclimate to the sensation. As your strength and comfort level increase, progress to the heaviest and smallest exerciser for a more advanced workout.

This comprehensive workout plan ensures that users can customize their experience based on their individual needs and goals. It's not just a set of weights; it's a roadmap to a stronger, more resilient pelvic floor.

A Sensual Symphony: The Pleasure of Self-Care

Pelvic wellness is not only about physical strength but also about fostering a connection with your body. The Inspire Weighted Kegel Training Kit transforms the notion of pelvic exercises from a routine task to a sensual and empowering experience. The smooth, premium silicone against your skin creates a tactile delight, making each use a moment of self-care and pleasure.

The pastel pink color, often associated with femininity and warmth, adds a touch of sophistication to your wellness routine. It's a subtle reminder that self-care is not only essential but can also be a pleasurable and indulgent experience.

The Importance of Lubrication: Enhancing Comfort and Enjoyment

To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience, it is recommended to use a quality lubricant during your Kegel exercises. This not only enhances the pleasure of the experience but also contributes to overall comfort and well-being. The Inspire Weighted Kegel Training Kit becomes more than just a set of exercisers; it becomes a tool for embracing self-love and care.

Hygiene and Maintenance: A Commitment to Long-Term Wellness

Before and after each use, cleanliness is paramount. The easy-to-clean silicone material allows for convenient maintenance. Simply wash the exercisers with warm, soapy water, or use a toy cleaner spray for added convenience. This commitment to hygiene ensures that your wellness journey is not only effective but also sustainable.


Large Exerciser: 3.75" x 1.5" / 9.5cm x 3.75cm

Medium Exerciser: 3.25" x 1.25" / 8.25cm x 3.25cm

Small Exerciser: 2" x 1.25" / 5cm x 3.25cm


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Reviewed By: Aurora, Mansfield, Victoria On 05-09-2018 

The light pink colour is beautiful. The silicone is actually made with a seamless design which just goes to show just how high the quality of this product is. I found it really easy to work up from the smallest to the medium sized exerciser. I'll be up to the large in no time at all.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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