Fun Factory Miss Bi
Fun Factory Miss Bi
Fun Factory Miss Bi
Fun Factory Miss Bi
Fun Factory Miss Bi

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable adult toy
  • Perfect for solo play and couples play
  • Made from premium medical grade silicone
  • Features an ergonomic handle for easy grip

Fun Factory Miss Bi

Manufacturers: Fun Factory

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Fun Factory Miss Bi is a sex toy that is made from luxuriously pure silicone and two separately adjustable motors available now at vibrators online shop.

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Product Description

Fun Factory Miss Bi

 Miss Bi Vibrator combines phenomenal clitoris stimulation with arousing vibrations directly on your G-spot. The two separately adjustable motors are guaranteed to get you to your climax! Miss Bi might be short, but she's VERY to the point with her intense vibrations.


 Miss Bi Vibrator combines phenomenal clitoris stimulation with arousing vibrations directly on your G-spot. The two separately adjustable motors are guaranteed to get you to your climax! After an intensive developmental phase and numerous tests, we created a shape that is both flexible and fine-tuned to please the female anatomy. The curved tip massages the G-spot when fully inserted, while the flexible and wide extension vibrates against your clitoris and labia. The thicker lower end of the toy enriches the experience by providing a pleasant feeling of fullness.

Orgasm guaranteed! Motor 1 in the clitoris stimulator and motor 2 in the compact toy shaft will send your clitoris, G-spot and vagina into waves of ecstasy. Decide which combination of vibration speeds and patterns you prefer and have MiSS Bi store it at the touch of a button.

MiSS Bi’s curved silicone shaft and extremely flexible extension fit the female body like a tailor-made glove. Once it’s inserted, the G-spot, labia and clitoris are stimulated simultaneously. A word of advice: show your partner what MiSS Bi does for you. He’ll be hooked!

Bright in color, her silhouette is seductive, with ladylike curves. MiSS Bi sweeps you away to the wild 50’s, where billowing petticoats symbolize newly discovered femininity and the air is thick with the rebellious power and irresistible sex appeal of rock ‘n’ roll.

Above all, MiSS Bi is reliable and simple to use, so that you can let your mind wander to places of fantasy and discovery. Designed with usability in mind, the two powerful yet quiet motors are intuitively controllable via the three raised buttons on the PRESS FUN TO PLAY control unit. Even with lots of lubricant, the toy rests safely and ergonomically in the hand – simply place the index finger through the LOOP handle. A key lock, QuickSTOP function and battery level display top off this impressive German product. MiSS Bi is rechargeable, 100% waterproof and also safe to use in anal play. The hypoallergenic medical grade silicone is easy to clean and guaranteed softener-free.

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Double your fun!

  • Dual stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot
  • 2 individual motors in shaft and extension
  • Wide, bendy extension for clit stimulation
  • Curved shaft tip for G-spot massage
  • Shorter – the ideal length for dual stimulation
  • Fulfilling – thicker at lower end
  • Perfect grip thanks to the LOOP handle
  • Raised buttons for comfortable control
  • Can be programmed to start on your favorite setting
  • Key lock for travel
  • Also safe for anal play
  • QuickSTOP via the FUN button
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Made in Bremen / Made in Germany


Fun Factory has redefined the vibrator industry. German made and designed, Fun Factory have created stylish, powerful and innovative vibrators that above all else, are fun. Delightfully cute designs, amazing colours that stand out and using the highest grade materials available, Fun Factory is a premium brand that has become synonymous with power, design and innovation

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Reviewed By: Anonymous On 09-28-2015 

Delightfully made and designed with consideration, as are all the sex toys from Fun Factory from Germany. As it is a dual motored vibrator, I was expecting amazing clitoral excitement and in addition outstanding vibrations coordinated around the G-Spot. There is a the ability to control these motors which permit you to be inventive with the vibration styles and discover one that suits you best – I surely found the settings interesting and I couldn't wait to test it out! Fun Factory MISS Bi is formed superbly for ladies, enriching your encounters with the adaptable and wide augmentation so that it truly does hit the right spots! The Miss Bi is stunning and stout with a bended tip for g spot envigoration the more full shaft implies it gives delight to the vaginal opening more than inside as this is the place where the most nerve endings are. The clitoral arm is full and adjusted and is extremely adaptable and pliable. I am fortunate enough that most rabbit vibes tend to fit me though many ladies discover the ears aren't angled to ergonomically to their particular body types. Be that as it may, I think fun factory are legends and they have made the clitoral arm adaptable enough so you can position it on your clit with varying angles. Miss Bi has two vibrating motors one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm both are controlled by their own particular button. It has 6 vibration intensities 3 on every engine and 6 vibration modes. The clitoral arm is controlled by the button directly above the FUN button on and the shaft is controlled by the control above that one. To turn on you press the FUN button and then you can press every button to go through the modes and vibration speeds for each motor. The FUN button when held down will turn the toy off. You can likewise program Miss Bi to start up at your most loved setting so that when you squeeze fun it is ready to go. When I was experimenting with all the distinctive vibration settings I was so awed in what FUN FACTORY had made. There were some truly serious high settings and some that truly tease, you would prefer not to go out once you've got one of these! The decision of having both engines on and given the diverse vibrating modes a whirl are simply overwhelming. In different sex toys you have the motor only on the principle shaft of the toy. When using the Miss Bi toy I was playing through the settings so before the end of testing all of them out you should truly have found the perfect setting and be spent. The more powerful vibration settings are rumbly and should be able to get an elephant off. Miss Bi is rechargeable through fun factory's snap n charge magnetic charging design. It is likewise 100% water proof which is a reward considering the entire g spot orgasm thing it may get somewhat wet if not drenched for those squirters out there. The handle has a circled opening for simpler levering fun factory have as of late begun using this design on the revamped items and I think it makes for easier grip/thrusting. It's truly simple to use as they stand out from the toy so you're ready to feel them. I've seen on different items, that I've discovered the settings very difficult or badly positioned to change, as they were firm and couldn't exactly feel for them without stopping what you were doing which is a real turn-off. There is a key lock setting, which operates with a single touch! So you won't be concerned that in your bag it'll turn on and your bag will be vibrating at customs, or your kids jump in your bed and ask what is vibrating. Miss Bi hits the right spots for me. The girth feels amazing when it is inserted and the bended tip pushed against my g spot. The girth filling me up touching every last bit of me. The level clitoral arm was light and didn't press too hard on my clit. My body loved this feeling. The Miss Bi stroked everything that needed to be touched and did it with a masters expertise. When I used it I reveled in the moment and then decided to complete my orgasm. I shook the vibe side to side against me the shaft totality pressing my spots inside me whist the clitoral arm did it's thing. It was orgasmic with the Miss Bi genuinely winning a spot in my sex toys collection.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Chloe, ALC On 03-09-2016 

The excellence of Fun Factory and their products is spoken of almost every day in our stores. Hell, I barely let someone leave the store without holding at least one of their products! They're body safe, made from medical grade silicone, have suuuper strong motors, some have DUAL motors (independently controlled!), have ridiculously easy to use control handles, incredible battery lives, they have a massive range of vibrators, plugs AND dildo's... do I have to go on? The list is endless. They are easily my favourite manufacturer, and it's obvious why. So it's natural that the MiSS Bi and LADY Bi are no exceptions. Both of them are easily two of my favourites out of the range, but for different reasons. So, when looking for a dual vibe, how do you choose which one you want out of the two? Both obviously come with Fun Factory's standard qualities - they have the loop handle, the lit-up raised buttons, etc... The main decider when choosing from the two is preference. MiSS Bi (pictured above), is a rather cute, small-in-size, big-in-power dual vibrator. MiSS Bi stunned me when I first turned it on and held it in my hands. The power is ridiculous, and not easy to compare with any other vibrator on the market. It's both deep and rumbly, and feels as though it is coming from the 'heart' of the toy - not just the surface. Deep and rumbly vibrations (usually preferred by most) result in deeper, more intense orgasms. This is because it stimulates the clitoris internally and actually penetrates deep into the nerves, as opposed to just stimulating the clitoral shaft. The clitoral arm of MiSS Bi has a larger surface area than almost all other dual vibrators. I think this is the feature that needs to be thought through the most before deciding whether to buy MiSS or Lady Bi. All over clitoral and labia stimulation is a COMPLETELY different sensation to pinpoint clitoral stimulation. If it is something you're not used to experiencing, it can take a while to get used to. One thing I didn't actually know (not sure if this is a blonde moment of mine or if just generally not a widely known thing), but the clitoris is actually shaped like a wishbone and has 'leg's, if you like. The clitoral crura (or singular 'crus', pictured above), are two erectile tissues which extend from the clitoris and together form a V shape. 'Crus' is a Latin word which literally translates to leg. During sexual arousal, the crura become engorged with blood, as does all the erectile tissue of the clitoris and when stimulated can be extremely pleasurable for some women. MiSS Bi's arm is perfectly designed to stimulate the clitoral crura. So, if this is something that you have previously experimented with and thoroughly enjoyed - you'll love MiSS Bi. If it's something that you would be interested in trying out - get MiSS Bi. MiSS Bi is rather short and stout, but perfect for G Spot stimulation. The shaft is shaped in an almost wave like motion. Instead of having to thrust with this toy, the vaginal opening is stimulated by a rather girthy hump. So small, shuffling movements cause a lot of stimulation to the vaginal opening. But that's not it... The end of the shaft curves up for delicious G Spot stimulation. When holding MiSS Bi, you can literally see the tip moving backwards and forwards super fast due to how strong it is, almost imitating a lovers fingertip. The female G Spot is only located 2-3 inches into the vagina, therefore making MiSS Bi ideal for G Spot stimulation. ​ Lady Bi, the newest of the family, is actually my favourite of the two. Let's start with the clitoral arm. Unlike MiSS Bi, Ladi Bi is designed to provide precise, pinpointed clitoral stimulation. Like MiSS Bi, Lady Bi DOES have just as much power to stimulate the internal clitoris and internal nerves, YAY! If you have previously experimented with toys such as the WeVibe touch, you will know the difference between the two sensations. The Touch is a fantastic clitoral toy as it allows the user to have pin point clitoral stimulation, or instead use the underside of the toy to get broad stimulation. This, as afore mentioned, is the main difference between the two toys (aside from the length). So one must decide what they prefer. If your answer is pinpointed stimulation - Lady Bi is your perfect match! The Lady Bi has a much longer shaft than MiSS Bi. The shaft of Lady also has a girthy section to stimulate the vaginal opening, YAY. But unalike MiSS, the shaft length and size of the clitoral arm allows the user to thrust with the toy. This may be a big decider for some. If you need movement in order to orgasm, or even if you think you'll just get a little bored from not much movement, you need Lady Bi. The length of Lady Bi is also excellent for A Spot stimulation, which has been briefly mentioned before. The A Spot (otherwise known as the Anterior Fornix), is located in front of the cervix. The A-spot was discovered by a guy named Dr. Chua Chee Ann. He noticed that stimulating this particular spot on the deepest part of the front vaginal wall would cause fast lubrication and sexual arousal. His stimulation method was a “scooping” motion with his fingers, similar to the “come hither” motion that so many recommend for G-spot stimulation. It should be warned that it is terribly easy to nudge, bump or stab the cervix whilst experimenting with A Spot stimulation. Accidentally bumping the cervix can be uncomfortable at best, and excruciating at worst. That feeling during sex when you sort of go ouch that was FAR too deep - and you almost get a sharp stabbing sensation... Yeah. That's most likely accidentally bumping your cervix. LUCKILY, Lady Bi has a curved tip, and is designed to go STRAIGHT for your A Spot. Unless you were turning the shaft around in spirals, it would be difficult to accidentally get your cervix. ​ A Spot stimulation is difficult to achieve with ones fingers, as they usually aren't long enough to stimulate yourself - but a penis or a long toy is fab for getting that mysterious spot! Both of these toys are also suitable to use anally if one wishes to do so! The afore mentioned qualities apply to anal/prostate play - do you prefer length? All over perineum/ball stimulation? SO. Things to weigh up: Do you enjoy pinpointed stimulation, or all over stimulation? Do you enjoy length in toys or A spot stimulation? Do you enjoy shorter, thicker toys and G Spot stimulation? You decide. Both of these toys are fantastic quality, yet unique in their own way. It's important to know the differences between the two so that you can ensure you go home with a toy that is compatible with your body and going to make you thank your Mama that you were born with a vagina (or bum!😏)!!!

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Stacey, Macleod On 08-17-2016 

Where Do I Start to tell you about the wonderful experience I have had with the Fun Factory Lady Bi? This is a sex toy that you must have! I can't depict the way this makes me feel. I've never found a vibrator that really takes me to a different universe, oh joy, this one does. It has extremely solid and strong vibrations however it is still soft enough not to rattle your teeth. Easy to utilize and it's helpful being USB chargeable as my telephone charger fits into this, making life that bit simpler.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: glen&julie, Claremont On 11-29-2016  (shop 18/19, 35 main road)

Primary Use: For my wife to use as a manually operated hand held dual spot vibrator, giving her internal G-Spot stimulation, as well as external clitoral stimulation by using the thumb shaped vibrating rabbits ear. Build Quality: The quality of this toy is amazing, as you would expect from Fun Factory, the only down side is the silicone material that this toy is made from, with this toy, the silicone is more coarse than it is with other toys made from the same silicone material, and it does attract a lot of debri which sticks to the silicone, and needs to be washed off in water. Design & Comfort: Beautifully designed toy for the exact purpose that it was designed for, and it appears to be very comfortable during use, according to my wife, with one minor down side, that being with the base of the shaft, which is quite thick, and she has to push on the handle to keep it in place so the clitoral stimulator stays in contact with her clit, and we think that the base of the shaft should be narrower than the centre of the shaft to help it stay in place a bit better when she is not using it in a thrusting mode. Pulse & Vibration: Absolutely amazing pulses and vibration on this toy, probably the best of any toy that we have bought so far, no complaints from the wife on that front for sure. Performance: What can we say, an amazing little dual spot vibrator, not a toy for those who prefer their A-Spot orgasms because this little baby is quite short, and is purely designed to hit the G-Spot internally, and ravage the clit on the outside, both at the same time, but for my wife to gain both G-Spot and clitoral orgasms together, it does take a bit of getting used to, and she does need to hold the handle and manipulate the tip of the shaft to hit the pressure point of her G-Spot, and keep the clitoral wing pressing on her clit, and she also managed to use the toy in a thrusting motion with the tip of the shaft hitting her G-Spot to give her multiple squirting G-Spot orgasms as well. Our Verdict: My wife gave her new Miss Bi a ranking of 8/10 It may not be the perfect dedicated dual spot stimulator out there, but it would come very close to it based on other reviews that we has seen about this great little toy, and right now, this toy will be joining forces with the JeJoue Dua as my wife’s primary go to sex toys, the rest of her toys will be put aside. Oh, and I should note that I even got tempted to try the Miss Bi out for some anal play as well, with some very nice results, especially with that clitoral wing pulsating on my perineum, making for a very nice feeling indeed. Thanks to Anna for her great recommendation with this baby.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Rachel, Rachel On 10-26-2017  (shop 18/19, 35 main road)

Miss Bi has got to be one of the best sex toys that I have ever tried and I have tried a lot of them! It sends vibrations throughout my body like no other vibrator. To top that off, it is made out of pure silicone! I could not ask for anything more from a product!

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 07-22-2019  (shop 18/19, 35 main road)

Funny, but my daughter-in-law told me to purchase this. So different from other products I have tried and will be my favorite.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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