Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series
Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series
Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series
Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series
Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series

Key Features:

  • Transparent Design: Crystal-clear exterior for a visually stimulating experience that adds excitement to your pleasure.
  • Crystal Sleeve: Delivers intense pleasure with strategically designed bumps, nodules, and ridges for maximum stimulation.
  • Customizable Sensations: Soak in warm water to achieve lifelike body temperature or use with water-based lubricant.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for solo play or with a partner, offering endless possibilities for pleasure and exploration.
  • Compatible Accessories: Enhance your experience with accessories like the Fleshlight Warmer and Shower Mount.

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series

Manufacturers: Fleshlight

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Discover the unique pleasure of the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series, offering a transparent exterior and a Crystal Sleeve designed for intense satisfaction.

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Product Description

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series - The Ultimate Transparent Pleasure

Are you ready to embark on a journey of sensational pleasure that's as clear as ice? Look no further than the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series. With its unique combination of a transparent exterior and a Crystal Sleeve designed for mind-blowing satisfaction, this series takes male masturbation to a whole new level. Get ready to discover the thrilling world of see-through sensations.

Crystal Clear Exterior, Intense Pleasure Within

The first thing you'll notice about the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series is its crystal-clear design. Unlike traditional Fleshlights, which often come in discreet cases, these transparent treasures give you an unobstructed view of the action inside. It's like having a front-row seat to your own pleasure show. This added visual dimension adds a thrilling element to your intimate moments, allowing you to watch every stroke and sensation as it happens.

But don't let the cool, clear exterior fool you – it's what's inside that truly counts. The Crystal Sleeve, exclusive to the Ice Series, is where the magic happens. Crafted to provide intense stimulation, this sleeve is a symphony of bumps, nodules, and ridges, meticulously designed to deliver pleasure with every thrust.

An Icy-Hot Experience

The name "Ice" might suggest a chilly encounter, but rest assured, the sensations you'll experience are nothing short of scorching. As you glide into the Fleshlight Ice, you'll be met with an ultra-tight entry that grips you in all the right ways. It's like a welcoming embrace, inviting you to explore deeper.

Inside the Crystal Sleeve, you'll encounter a series of pleasure chambers, each with its own unique texture. These chambers are strategically designed to provide distinctive sensations at every stage of your journey. Whether you prefer gentle strokes or a more intense experience, the Crystal Sleeve has you covered.

Customize Your Pleasure

One of the great things about the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series is its versatility. You're in control of your pleasure, and these toys are designed to adapt to your desires. Want to add some warmth to your experience? Simply soak your Fleshlight in a bowl of warm water for about half an hour, and it will warm up to body temperature, creating an even more lifelike sensation.

For an extra layer of excitement, consider using a high-quality water-based lubricant. The slick, smooth glide will enhance your pleasure and make every stroke even more enjoyable. Whether you're using your Fleshlight solo or with a partner, the possibilities for pleasure are endless.

Upgrade Your Collection

If you're already a fan of Fleshlight products, the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series is an excellent addition to your collection. Its unique design and sensations offer a fresh and exciting experience that complements your existing toys. Whether you're new to Fleshlights or a seasoned pro, the Ice Series brings something special to the table.

Accessories for Enhanced Pleasure

To take your pleasure to the next level, consider adding some Fleshlight accessories to your collection. The Fleshlight Warmer is a fantastic addition that ensures your Fleshlight is always at the perfect temperature for a realistic feel. No more cold surprises – just pure, inviting warmth.

If you're looking for a hands-free experience, the Shower Mount is a must-have. It securely attaches your Fleshlight to any smooth, flat surface, allowing you to explore new angles and positions effortlessly. It's the perfect way to make your shower time even more enjoyable.

Your Pleasure, Your Way

In the world of male masturbators, the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series stands out as a clear winner. Its transparent design, coupled with the tantalizing Crystal Sleeve, offers a unique and visually stimulating experience that's second to none. Whether you're seeking solo satisfaction or want to spice things up with a partner, the Ice Series is here to fulfill your desires.

It's time to turn up the heat with the cool sensations of the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Series. Explore the world of transparent pleasure and elevate your intimate moments to new heights. Get your Ice Series Fleshlight today and experience pleasure like never before.


Over the years, Fleshlight has consistently earned the top spot among all available erotic toys for numerous compelling reasons. These reasons abound, making Fleshlight an unparalleled choice in the market. First and foremost, this toy excels in delivering exquisite sensations that tantalize your senses while prioritizing your body's safety. With Fleshlight, you can indulge in pleasure without any fear of harm, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Fleshlight's ease of use and maintenance are among its standout qualities. Cleaning and caring for this adult toy is a breeze, saving you time and effort. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can focus on what truly matters – your pleasure – without the hassle of intricate cleaning procedures.

Quality and durability are hallmarks of Fleshlight adult toys, setting them apart as the preferred choice for those seeking long-lasting satisfaction. Crafted to withstand the test of time, these toys offer reliable and consistent performance, making them incredibly appealing.

One of the most captivating features of Fleshlight is its ability to replicate the intimate contours of renowned adult stars. When you use a Fleshlight, you're treated to an authentic experience that feels like you're intimately connecting with your favorite actor or actress. The lifelike textures and body-specific details add an extra layer of realism, heightening your pleasure.

Fleshlight doesn't stop at traditional offerings; it also caters to niche desires with specialized collections like the Alien series, Sex in a Can, Flight Masturbators, and vibrators. These unique options cater to a wide spectrum of preferences, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal pleasure companion within the Fleshlight family.

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Reviewed By: Brad, Vincentia On 03-15-2016 

Fleshlight is the first brand flashing into peoples' mind when you talk about male strokers. There are some reasons, of course, for this reputation such as its smooth silicone material, textured sleeve, ergonomic case etc. However, after some certain point, it was difficult to distinguish the sleeves. They were all like the same to me and the brand was losing its credit in my eyes then I saw the Crystal. The Fleshlight Ice differs from other Fleshlight products in one way which is transparent material used for sleeve. Most of men and their partners are highly aroused when they see thrusting penis in and out of the sleeves and the Ice is ideally suited for this. It has vulva shaped entrance and the same super skin material with the other Fleshlight products. It is the same size and shape as other versions which means 10 inches in total length and 8.5 inches in insertable length and sadly the same weight. (Yes this was my concern about other Fleshlight masturbators, except for Fleshlight Flight which is light enough to grip but the others become a burden after a point of joy) The sleeve has tight section with ridged walls and a bit further the hole widens. As moving past you see a chamber having bumps in it and after that, the hole tightens again with ridges. If you go further you'll see the second chamber containing square shaped texture. Then the hole ends up with gradually narrowed line. The sleeve is placed into plastic case which is easy to grip. You can use the Ice by taking silicone material out as well but it is not recommended as the material could be damaged. You can use that feature after clean the toy to dry out well by leaving it open to air. The Ice has two open ends with their caps. The smaller cap can be loosen or tightened to control the air flow within the hole. When you loosen the cap you will not face with any resistance inside the hole (Water based lube is highly recommended). If you tighten it after inserted your penis, it will create a vacuum and it gives extra stimulation whilst your masturbation. Briefly, the most exciting feature of the Ice is that you can see as penis thrusts in and out of the hole in addition to other points. Of course the view is not crystal clear and the penis will not look the same but even the idea will be enough to stimulate most people.

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