Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag
Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag
Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag
Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag

Key Features:

  • Great accessory for your medical fetish play
  • Easily loops around your head and tugs at your cheeks
  • Made from leather and body safe steel
  • Unique Medical mouth gags
  • Versatile Leather Straps, Medical Fetish

Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag

Manufacturers: Hell's Couture

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Discover the sinister allure of the Asylum Hook Claw Mouth Spreader Gag - an extreme BDSM toy for ultimate dominance and submission.

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Product Description

Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag

In the clandestine world of BDSM, where pleasure dances on the edge of pain, and power is wielded with a merciless elegance, one name stands out as a harbinger of the darkest fantasies. Hell’s Couture, a brand synonymous with unbridled passion and desire, invites you to explore the sinister allure of the Asylum Hook Claw Mouth Spreader Gag—a wickedly enchanting instrument that blurs the boundaries between pleasure and torment.

The Gateway to Sadistic Bliss

BDSM, a mosaic of desires and cravings woven into an intricate tapestry of dominance and submission, finds its quintessential expression in the Asylum Hook Gag. This isn't your run-of-the-mill ball gag; it's a sinister work of art meticulously designed to unlock the deepest, most depraved desires.

The Anatomy of Darkness

Imagine a scene shrouded in shadows, a clandestine chamber where only the echoes of whispered commands break the silence. Here, the Asylum Hook Gag reigns supreme as a potent symbol of dominance. Its design is deviously simple yet ingeniously effective. Two hooked metal mouthpieces, gleaming with a malevolent charm, grip the corners of your willing plaything's mouth with a relentless determination to keep it wide open. The feeling of vulnerability, of being at the mercy of the one who holds the reins, is intoxicating.

As the hooked mouthpieces press into the corners of your submissive's mouth, they become a paradoxical blend of pleasure and torment. The sensation of the cool, unforgiving steel sinking into tender flesh sends shivers down the spine and ignites the senses. Each thrust, each movement, serves as a relentless reminder of who is in control.

Silence and Submission

The true power of the Asylum Hook Claw Mouth Spreader lies in its ability to silence while ensuring absolute submission. Once the hooked mouthpieces are in place, there's no room for defiance or protests. The mouth, held wide open, is rendered incapable of forming words—only muted sounds of pleasure, pain, or a sublime mixture of both escape the gaping maw.

But the torment doesn't end there. The Asylum Hook Gag has another trick up its sleeve, or rather, around the neck. The neck strap, adjustable and unyielding, lets you fine-tune the fit to achieve the desired level of snugness and inescapability. It's a subtle yet vital element of control, allowing you to exert dominance without compromise.

Exploring the Dark Desires

BDSM enthusiasts understand that pleasure often lurks in the shadows, in those uncharted territories where boundaries blur and inhibitions are set aside. The Asylum Hook Claw Mouth Spreader Gag is your ticket to that shadowy realm, where pleasure and pain merge seamlessly.

As you gaze upon your submissive, their mouth pried open, vulnerability laid bare, you become the conductor of a symphony of sensations. With every thrust, the hooked mouthpieces exert exquisite pressure on your partner's most sensitive spots. The delicate dance of pleasure and discomfort becomes an intoxicating rhythm, driving both you and your plaything to the brink of ecstasy.

Customized Torment

One of the defining features of the Asylum Hook Claw Mouth Spreader Gag is its adaptability. It doesn't adhere to a one-size-fits-all philosophy; instead, it offers three distinct sizes—small, medium, and large—ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit.

For those new to the world of mouth spreaders, the small size provides an excellent introduction. With an anal plug insertable width of 30mm, an insertable length of 55mm, a cord length of 200mm, and a cock ring diameter of 40mm, it's designed to gently ease you into this thrilling experience.

Stepping up the intensity, the medium size boasts an anal plug insertable width of 40mm, an insertable length of 60mm, a cord length of 200mm, and a cock ring diameter of 45mm. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a bit more sensation and restraint.

Finally, the large size offers the ultimate in pleasure and torment. With an anal plug insertable width of 50mm, an insertable length of 60mm, a cord length of 200mm, and a cock ring diameter of 50mm, it's designed for the experienced BDSM aficionado, someone who craves intensity and unyielding submission.


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Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 04-25-2019 

Works good and adjusts well to your mouth just don't keep it in for to long or you'll get sores on the sides of your mouths.

4 Stars 4 of 5 Stars!


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