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Yes! Pheromone Cologne enhances your chances. Scientists know that sexual attraction is a matter of natural chemistry. And pheromones are the chemical substance your body broadcasts to potential mates. Just spray on a bit of this pheromone-enhanced fragrance � and you'll experience the difference. This little 1 oz. container packs a ton of attraction.

  • Sexual Attraction Spray
  • Pheromone-Enhanced Fragrance
  • Enhances Your Natural Chemistry
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Body-Safe

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Yes! Pheromone Cologne Date Added: Monday 21 September, 2015

by Anonymous

On the off chance that you have faith in the force of fascination, then maybe, pheromones are the reason. Researchers have directed broad studies and examination into this extremely provocative subject. A long time of clinical studies concerning the behavioral examples of bugs, creatures, and people have delivered the accompanying results. Fascination between genders may not simply be the consequence of destiny. There is a relationship with normal pheromones and physical fascination. When accepted to exist just in the bug kingdom, later research has demonstrated that this "aroma attraction" is normal all through all the animals, too. Yes Pheromome Cologne has been shown to pull in ladies. Since it has been defined from male human pheromones, it can likewise help to build enthusiastic yearning from the same sex. Yes Pheromome Cologne is solely made for the Doc Johnson Company and who knows more about longing and sexual desires than Doc Johnson? This to a great degree attractive and erotic detailing can last up to eight hours. It is a completely fundamental item for any male who needs to draw in individuals from the inverse sex. On the off chance that you are pondering in the matter of regardless of whether there is any legitimacy to the presence of pheromones, please read the accompanying every now and again made inquiries. What is a pheromone? A pheromone is a substance emitted by a person that influences another individual of the same species by smell. Human pheromones are steroid atoms, made in the skin that scatter into the air and influence those close us. "Pheromone," got from Greek, signifying "I convey energy." How are pheromones distinguished? Every one of us have a little sense organ in our nose, not the same as the feeling of smell that identifies pheromones. This specific organ is genuinely an intuition, that tangible structure, called the "vomeronasal organ" (or "VNO"), it recognizes human pheromones yet not pheromones radiated by different creatures. Does everybody actually radiate pheromones? Yes. Individuals artificially correspond with one another constantly by the emission of pheromones. Since we have our own pheromones, why do we require the pheromones contained in Yes Cologne? Because of our showering propensities, large portions of our pheromones are always being washed away in a shower or covered with creams and aromas. Thus, a scent particularly intended to radiate pheromones is vital to influence others. What do human pheromones smell like? Amazingly enough, pheromones are totally scentless. Clinical exploration has demonstrated that with an expanded measure of pheromone discharge, a more prominent propensity for physical and sexual fascination exists. Since Yes Cologne offers the finest mix of concentrated, human pheromones available, there is no wonder why stunning results have happened. Envision expanding pheromones by more than one thousand times that of the ordinary human efficiency. This is precisely what Yes Pheromone Cologne will accomplish for you. Be arranged for fantastic results. Yes Cologne is really Sex Appeal in a Bottle!

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