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Romp Juke Cockring

Product Description

ROMP Juke is an ultra-flexible penis ring with a secure fit. Intense vibrations stimulate you both and the ring’s intimate grip gently strengthens your erection too. So the fun doesn’t end too soon!

ROMP Juke: This cock ring makes women happy as well

When it comes to sex toys for men, penis rings are among the most common. A harder and longer-lasting erection and particularly intense orgasms – this toy has a lot to offer its wearer. But with modern versions such as ROMP Juke, the partner also can enjoy the fun.

What you need to know about cock rings

What is the purpose of a penis ring? It’s about creating a slight build-up of blood in the penis. Admittedly, that doesn’t really sound sexy, but it hardens a man’s erection and delays ejaculation. In other words, the man can last longer. In addition, the orgasm feels a lot more intense to him. The toy can be used on both a flaccid and a semi-erect penis. First, the ring is pulled over the glans to the middle of the penis shaft. From there it is pulled to the end of the shaft and then pushed around the testicles to the base of the penis. An erection occurs after the user puts it on. Important: The penis ring should be tight, but it shouldn’t hurt. Please don’t overdo it! In the case of metal rings in particular, two fingers should fit through the ring as soon as it lies at the base of the penis. If there is a strong swelling, remove the ring immediately.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

In terms of size, most penis rings are made of stretchable material, such as silicone. So they can adapt individually to the wearer. If the ring is not stretchable, it is important for men to consider the size, i.e. the circumference of their penis. To find the right-sized penis ring, subtract approx. 3-5 mm (1/10 – ? inches) from your penis diameter. Note: If you want to wear the penis ring around the penis and testicles at the same time, you should not subtract 3-5 mm. It is always best to put the penis ring on with a lubricant.

Cock rings are available with or without vibration. It is a matter of taste which version you choose. One advantage of the vibrating toys is that they are especially suitable for couples because they also stimulate the clitoris during sex.

ROMP Juke: A toy that makes both partners happy

The great advantage of ROMP Juke is that it is wonderfully flexible which makes it super comfortable to wear. It also stimulates the clitoris with powerful vibrations. That makes it the perfect couples’ toy. In addition, the Juke is waterproof and can be enjoyed anywhere. ROMP Juke is available to buy online for an excellent price.

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