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The Womanizer Now Available in Stunning Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Designs - Black Leopard and Purple Crystal Dreams.   Swarovski crystals are recognised all over the world for their elegance and luxury, and now embellish the orgasmic Womanizer for the woman who loves the finer things in life.


Black leopard is sleek and ready to pounce with it's feline grace.  You know it is a luxury sex object when Svarovski puts its brand name to it.  It will take you to the wildest erotic zones.


Hold on tight ladies, you are about to go on the ride of a lifetime! The womanizer is a true revolution, with unique technology allowing stimulation of the clitoris without contact giving you incredible and sensational orgasms every time!

Get ready for the most intense, insane orgasmic experience
you have ever had!

The revolutionary womanizer technology, which has nothing to do with a vibrator, makes a touchless stimulation of the clitoris possible.

To begin with, slightly spread apart your labia to expose the clitoris then position the silicone head over the clitoris and apply gentle pressure which will then be lightly sucked in to allow pulsating pressure waves to stimulate through your sensitive love bud, without any touch!

Once you have discovered the ideal position, do not move the womanizer You will instantly feel an unprecedented experience of lust jewelled with overwhelming and powerful orgasms. The womanizer has been extensively tested with pure lust with females aged between 20 and 60.


Over-stimulation of the clitoris with conventional vibrators, has become a thing of the past. You will be in euphoric bliss with this sensual stimulator, with waves of ecstasy causing moments of absolute loss of control, your body will quiver in pure passionate pleasure.
The womanizer is beautifully designed with individual colour combinations, each with a beautiful crystal mode button. So easy to use with a conveniently located on/off button and the crystal mode button situated below allowing you to increase the intensity which is infinitely variable.

Conveniently rechargeable, the womanizer takes up to 4 hours until completely charged, flashing green as it is charging which changes to constant green once charged, allowing you 90 sensual minutes of extreme pleasure time.  You may use your favourite water or silicone based lubricant with the womanizer or your favourite stimulant gel for increased stimulation!


The womanizer® has been extensively tested with pure lust with females aged between 20 and 60. These unique results speak for themselves:


  • 73% experienced a multiple orgasm
  • 76% experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm
  • 63% sensed an entirely new sexual experience
  • 98% wanted to own a womanizer®
  • 100% evaluated the womanizer® to be absolutely unique


Choose between a variety of beautiful colour and pattern combinations. Each one boasts a lavish crystal mode button, which also acts as a convenient on/off button.


The womanizer sex toy - allow your body to quiver in pure passionate pleasure.

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