White Fox Tail Steel Anal Plug Gold

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White Fox Tail Steel Anal Plug


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Fox tail butt plugs are interesting sex toys that can add so much spice to your usual bedrooom escapades. You don't even have to be into any fetish or kinky sex, but just love and appreciate the cuteness of the plug. These adult toys are not to be confused with other anal plugs because the latter is used for medical purposes and not recreational. The plugs can be used in a variety of sexual role playing among partners and come in many sizes and designs. One particularly popular kind is known as the animal butt plugs that is designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure.


Tail Length 300mm Width 10mm

Small Insertable Plug; Width 27mm Length 65mm

Medium Insertable Plug; Width 35mm Length 73mm

Large Insertable Plug; Width 41mm Length 85mm


It is great to have surprises in life and when you purchase BDStyle products you will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality and cost. Presenting a comprehensive array of Bondage & Fetish gear this company knows how to pick some BDSM gear that players will love. For each of your kinky choices be it chastity or discipline, maybe even some sensory play. Role playing is attributed to getting more enjoyment and when doing it with a partner can only be good for a relationship. Expand both your sexual horizons and receive exactly what it is that you desire and can fully live a true life with BDStyle Adult Toys. Now choose what it is you are looking for and have some incredibly naughty and kinky fun with these pleasure and pain objects.

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