Wet Stuff Elite Silicone Bodyglide 125g

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Gel Works

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Wet Stuff Elite silicone lubricant is the best lubricant that is produced by Gel Works. Premium ingredients to use as a body glide moisturiser - perfect for intimate activities, use with toys, and for a massage oil. You won't be disappointed when using the elite silicone lubricant.It has a smooth gliding phase which easily lasts for longer than 35 minutes, then becomes a satin like glide surface for a period of around fifteen minutes before disappearing. Easy to use silicone lubricant.


Wet stuff is a lubricant that is made by Gel Works. Gel Works is a company that is run by an ex pharmacist who decided that the quality of lubricants on the market were inferior, and using dangerous chemicals. Wet stuff removes all nasty chemicals and is considered to be body safe for people with mild allergic reactions to normal lubricants. Wet Stuff and Gel Works have created a wide range of products that suit everyone


 ARTG Number : 94373.

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