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Pheromones are what the body releases to attract a mate. A lot of people forget about the power of smell when it comes to attraction, intimacy and arousal. That's where the Wet Alluring comes in.

This lubricant has a subtle, alluring scent designed to create a reaction with the body increase arousal levels. When you're increasing the arousal levels of the body then the body will respond far better during sexual intercourse.

What you will find with a highwer level of arousal is increased blood flow, which will help in increaisng the level of sensitivity and the level of pleasure between individuals. Not only will this lubricant provide needed wetness and lubrication for comofrt but it's going to increase the pleasure during itnimate activity.


Wet Lubricants were founded in 1989 by Michael Trigg and they have a state of the art manufacturing and distribution facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The great thing about Wet Lubricants are that they are all tested and in compliance with the FDA’s strict Medical Device Quality System Regulations and the current Good Manufacturing Practices cGMP. Triggs Laboratories are continuing to grow and create innovative products for their customers. They value customer feedback and have produced some of the highest quality lubricants in the world

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