Well Hung Steel Anal Hook

Hung Well Steel Hanger Ball, Anal Hanger

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WELL HUNG in more ways than one is how you like em ... and this anal hook with removable ball (SOLD SEPERATELY - see links below) will ensure thats how you have em!


You will love being well hung as your lover tightens the rope and the pressure is felt deep in your anus.  As you start to tippie toe to take the weight until you are on the tips of your toes and then finally lift off.  Wow.....


Available in Solid Ball Sizes (SOLD SEPERATELY HERE)

30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm

Also Available in Ben Wa Balls (SOLD SEPERATELY HERE)

30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

 Also Available in Egg Balls (SOLD SEPERATELY HERE)

30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm


Anal hooks can be used to provide pleasure, but they are most often used for predicament bondage. This can include immobilising your partner, using the hook to stop them from moving out of position, or giving them a choice between two ‘evils’. An example would be to insert the hook and ask your partner to stand up. Secure some rope through the hook and tighten it until they are on tip toes. Now they are ‘hooked’ and cannot move away. They are also in an uncomfortable predicament because if they lower their heels, the hook will press in deeper. There are many different positions, or varieties of predicament bondage that you can experiment with using an anal hook and a length of rope. The stainless steel hook can be used for temperature play. Simply submerge the ball in hot or icy cold water for 5 minutes before play. Attach the ball to the hook and use it to tease or torment.


The kinkiest company around is Hell's Couture. They understand peoples kinks and fetishes and they have developed an extensive product range to cater for all fetishes. Whether it’s masochism, cock stuffing, bondage, restraint play, nipple torture and even pet play – Hell’s Couture has the product that you’re looking for. An extensive range of steel adult toys, and leather restraints, leather whips and paddles for the bondage fiend

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Well Hung Steel Anal Hook Date Added: Friday 19 June, 2015

by Anonymous

You have to warm up with this anal toy and there were a few reasons for this. If you are not experienced at anal play you must be cautious as most anal toys come with a bit of give or can be maneuvered easily but this is solid metal with no give at all. You also have to take into consideration that the metal is absolutely smooth and when added with a little of lubricant can slip right in – so you have to insert it slowly and cautiously so as not to do any damage

When you get a hang of it – ha ha hang get it? – you will truly started to appreciate the inclination of being hung as the ball lived works its way up your inner muscles. The steel will feel shockingly cool in the first place, however it warms up to body temperature rapidly and holds the warmth well. There is no drag as the surface is silky smooth. When the ball passes your sphincter muscles, it will feel delicate. I can even now feel the ball sliding forward and backward inside, yet I never encountered any pain or stabbing sensations.

It was an unusual sensation at first using the anal hook and there was the introductory stretch, yet when it went past my pubic bone it felt tender but not painful. It certainly served its purpose, of putting me on my toes as when I relaxed the ball would press against that pubic bone and it was apparent that it would be painful should I put too much weight on it. I did find that the ball could invigorate my g-spot when on my tippy toes and can only imagine how it would turn on a guys P-Spot. When I gently lifted myself on my toes and brought back pressure – making the ball insert deeper I actually orgasmed which was a surprise as I generally do not orgasm during anal sex.

My lover and I tried to experience the best possible ways to use the Steel Anal Hook. We hitched some rope through the eye of the hook, then we appended the rope to a snare on our door jamb, setting the pressure so I was on my tippy toes As my calves started to throb, I permitted my body to settle down on the anal hook. What I encountered was weight as the ball squeezed against the muscles in my ass. I started to feel my butt being extended open, as if somebody had embedded two fingers and opened them. It felt uncomfortable and extreme, yet not excruciating. It was the ideal harmony between delight, agony and powerlessness that could truly uplift emotions and I really got off on it

Though somewhat harder to get inside the huge, adjusted ball serves to spread the sensation you feel, instead of putting an excess of weight onto a little range inside.

The Anal Hook is truly easy to look after. You can wash it in high temp water, with some antibacterial cleanser, yet it is also able to clean by rubbing pure alcohol . Since the ball unscrews from the hook, I suggest unscrewing it and permitting some of your cleanser to enter into the opening, and also around the threading on the snare. Be careful not to scratch the metal surface or you may do yourself some damage the next time you use it..

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