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We Vibe Tango 2


This We-Vibe Tango 2 is new and improved having a stronger vibrator as well as more functions.  It is a great sex toy that is going to heat up your night.  It will be as hot as salsa as the lipstick shaped elegant vibe with send you on a solo journey of sexual exploration unplugged.  Don't delay as the great vibrator for women Australia is just waiting for you to charge up for at least 90 minutes of uninterupted sex play.


Tango is body safe and crafted to give maximum enjoyment and style.



We-Vibe is a company specialising in pleasure for couples, but also understands ideas of foreplay and solo play. Using toys that can provide pleasure to each partner, these toys will complement your sex life and be a welcome addition to any Toy Box.

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We-Vibe Tango 2 Date Added: Thursday 18 June, 2015

by Jane, Lake Macquarie

The We-Vibe Tango is marvelous. It has a close clique like following in the sex toy world, which it has earned by being magnificent in a territory where the opposition is staggeringly frail. More slender than a container of lipstick and about as long, the Tango is intended for clitoral stimulation, or to be added to another item to make it vibrate. We-Vibe saw that most ‘finger vibrators’ were cheap and nasty so chose to make one of their own. What they made is obviously and without rivalry one of the best ones out there, which is the reason it has accumulated such praise. This doesn't mean it is impeccable, it just means numerous sex toy devotees are willing to look past its imperfections. The Tango is made of hard ABS plastic which is thoroughly body safe and non-permeable furthermore transmits vibration extraordinarily well. The huge contrast is that as opposed to putting a small tiny watch battery fueled vibrator in it We-Vibe put a nuclear like rumbly rechargeable vibrator that rattles your teeth. Couple that with the way that there is not thick silicone layer hosing the vibrations like most other and you have one capable EXTRA STRONG sex toy. This toy is not for the weak of clit and even the lowest setting is stunningly earth shaking, turn it up to high and it can feel like a jackhammer beating you. It's petite stature and inclination of the tip means you can pinpoint where you want the vibrations and likewise going to feel that exceptional power in your fingertips the same amount of as you will in your clit. This is the one drawback as if you use it for any length of time you feel the vibrations in your hand almost like pins and needles. It's size and shape makes it more than only a clitoral vibrator however, as because of its power you can use it to intensify play with Silicone dildos, outfits, and butt toys. It's not simply the size, shape and material that We-Vibe chose to extend from the customary outline, they kept the single push-catch control model, and I wish they hadn't. I'm the kind of individual who likes to change to higher speeds and after that back off again so no less than a (+) and (-) catch is essential in a toy for me. That being as it may my Tango and I have become inseperable – I will deal with the not so user friendly controls in light of the extraordinary strength in its vibrations. I begin to get fidgety if I don't know precisely where it will be, it’s so small so could easily get lost (God Forbid). It is my go to toy when I just have to orgasm and it has traveled the world with me as my trusted companion. I would prefer not to let you know the Tango is flawless, however with every last bit of its admonitions I can't overlook that it is the most unfathomably capable tiny vibrator out there. Besides, with all the things you can do with this lipstick styled vibrator The We Vibe Tango is the one you have to get.

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