We-Vibe Rave G-Massager

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Rave by We-Vibe Purple
Twist and shout!


Powerful pleasure for your G-spot. The unique asymmetrical shape of Rave transforms your gentle movements or a slight twist into satisfying pleasure for your G-spot. Soft edges and a powerful We-Vibe rumble deliver new sensations right where you want them.


Intimate, intense orgasms. Beautifully sculpted and curved so it's easily held in your hand, Rave by We-Vibe offers effortless control of your pleasure. A simple twist will stimulate the most sensitive areas of your vagina for a truly sensual, personal experience. Increase the intensity or tease your G-spot with different vibrations to indulge yourself like never before.


Get more features with the app. With We-Connect you can create your own custom vibes and control Rave from right next to you, from the next room - even from the next continent. Share control with your partner and enjoy some long distance excitement that makes it feel like you're together no matter where life takes you.


Rave by We-Vibe features:

  • Ergonomic design provides a unique intimate experience
  • Gentle twists offer pure pleasure
  • Powerful rumble - more powerful than Touch or Tango
  • Easy-to-use, three-button control
  • 10+ vibration modes
  • Splash-proof
  • Eco-friendly USB rechargeable battery
  • Low-power alert indicator
  • Charges in 90 minutes for up to 2 hours of pleasure
  • Whisper quiet
  • App ready - works with We-Connect for more features
  • Body-safe silicone - free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • Discreet storage bag
  • 1-year warranty


We-Vibe is a company specialising in pleasure for couples, but also understands ideas of foreplay and solo play. Using toys that can provide pleasure to each partner, these toys will complement your sex life and be a welcome addition to any Toy Box.

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We-Vibe Rave G-Massager Date Added: Monday 21 November, 2016

by Anonymous

Having only recently discovered my G-spot....(a sad state of affairs for a 45 year old) I am now wanting to give the little lady the attention she's been missing out on all these years. So I am on a personal quest to find her the perfect partner.
I actually own a we-vibe 4 which I like, so I thought I might see what their brand has to offer. My eyes are immediately drawn to the 'Rave', so let's see what it is all about. It is described as a 'Sensually Sculpted Powerful g spot vibrator'. Exactly what I am after...I wonder if it does what it says on the tin?
It's actually not in a tin, it's in a box. I love that it is packaged in a contemporary subtle box. It has a large picture of what is inside but if it fell out of my shopping bag on the bus I wouldn't be causing little old ladies any undue distress. In fact, it looks alot like many cool devices do these days, its sleek and ergonomic and if it actually did fall out of my bag, could easily pass for a hair styling implement or music speakers! I already know its dimensions as I have seen it out of the box, but boxes can be deceiving,Thankfully there are no disappointments here, and what you see on the package is the real life size. It feels weighty, certainly not cheap, it,s a luxurious decadent deep purple colour and the body safe silicone its made of is super smooth and silky, its not slippery though or tacky to the touch. It's really nice. Its just over 7 inches long with a diameter of over an inch. There is a tiny hole to put your charger in and it looks like it should be waterproof, but apparantly its not! This might be a problem for some people, but call me paranoid, I have always been shit scared of mixing machines with water!
The odd thing about it, and the thing that makes it stand out of the crowd, is its asymmetry. The device is clearly designed for internal use but would not be for anal use. A girl would have to move and twist it around inside to find the optimal position for connecting with her G spot. It is firm and inflexible so there is no other option. Strangely, this actually makes sense, as that is what I would do with my finger. The controls are covered in silicone too, which makes it really easy to clean. A massive massive plus for me is that the controls are simple to operate. God knows it took me long enough to find my G spot, I don't have time to be mucking about with controls. The on button takes you through its 10 settings, and there are a '-' and a '+' button for intensity...and that is all you need. sextoys don't need to operate like the cockpit of a fighter jet!
Talking of fighter jets, on to the thing I like most about the 'Rave", ...The noise!....just kidding, it's very very quiet. No,what I am most excited about is the sheer power of it. The vibrations are so strong and rumbly, that when I am squeezing the base, I can feel it in my elbows! that's not even on its highest setting. This is exactly what my g-spot needs. When you turn it off, it leaves you with an after effect. I was trying to think of an apt way to describe it but I guess it's like the feeling you get after you just had good sex! Yes, really, It's that good. Not only that, but because the vibrations are so good, it definitely doubles as a clit stimulator. I would even go so far as to argue that it's better than other similarly priced toys specifically designed for that purpose.
'Rave' is Usb rechargeable and everything comes in a silk pouch, which is great for me as I lose everything. It's also compatible with the we vibe app, so it can be controlled remotely via a phone. This is great for couples fun and frolics, although there is something about this Rave that makes me want it for myself.
So here ends my marathon rave about the 'Rave' In a nutshell, it certainly a 'luxury' price, but it looks and feels luxurious and it does what it should for that amount of money. It doesn't style hair or play music....but if it's a great orgasm you want, then it will surely do that. ,oh and it comes with a years warranty. So what are you waiting for? Go get one ladies, or indeed, get one for your lady!"

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