Vorze U.F.O. SA Nipple Stimulators

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Welcome to a new era of nipple stimulation!
U.F.O SA - "U.F.O Stand Alone"

This "Unidentified Fascinating Object" offers 7 types of pleasure patterns at 7 different speeds.
Everything is controlled by the minimal disc-like base unit, while the round cup spins and delivers incredible, nuanced sensations to the nipples and sensitive areas of the breasts.

There are twin cups for non-stop, simultaneous stimulation action on both breasts, plus a full set of varying accessories. You can also use the Vorze UFO SA with the Android app Vorze Controller if you prefer to control things with your phone.
It also works in tandem with +1D-compatible porn DVDS or other videos viewed through the Playfile-Maker.

Greatly improved design - a truly stylish product.

Improved better usability - The controller and main unit: new slick all-in-one design.
Connect the main unit to your computer wirelessly and synchronize the movement according to the content of your favorite videos.
Also, as we are using the latest connection module it is compatible with any kind of devices and media.

Use Playfile-Maker and easily make your own movement programs.
An application that makes it possible to control the S.A products with your smartphone is also available for download.

7x7 Ways of movement - Adjust from supper slow to fast speed with 7 different, newly improved patterns.
Even at slow speed, the stimulation of the high quality torque motor is exceptional.
With 7 different rotation modes and 7 different speeds the combinations are unlimited.

- Rich selection of attachments.
We just added a new “Rose-type” which makes it 6 types in total.

The classic “Tongue-type” and “Brush-type” are also included and come in two sizes each - offering various types of stimulation.



Rends stands for Reality, Extravagant, Neat, Dream and Satisfaction and is the name of a Japanese sex toy manufacturer situated in the city of Chiba-Shi Chiba-ken. They specialize in creating sex toys for men including dolls and masturbators. The companies’ team are specialists in mechanical engineering manufacturing and believe that adult toys that come from Japan should have the same quality and reputation as Japanese household electrical appliances have throughout the world. Each product is developed from scratch using advanced technologies.


Rends sex toys have developed what is generally accepted as the best electronic masturbators in the world with the R1 range, A10 Cyclone, A10 Piston and Vorze being the most popular. The sex dolls are made using a proprietary material that it is comparable to human skin.


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Vorze U.F.O. SA Nipple Stimulators Date Added: Friday 17 March, 2017

by Anonymous

I bought this online recently. The price worried me as it is not often that you want to part with over $400 on a sex toy but my wife really enjoy nipple play and I though this would be a good addition to our fun box at home. Well the price may have scared me but I have to say it sent my wife off!!! In a good way. Using this whilst we were having sex was awesome and she has never cum so often in one session. She was spent before I was that only turned me on even more.
Highly recommended - even with the hefty price tag!!!

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