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This is a topical clit stim cream that when applied will ehance a females sexual encounters like nothing else.  If you have trouble reaching orgasm this may just bring you over that line to a more fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience.  The arousal effect has to be felt to be belived with the non-sticky formula not getting in the way of your partners love making enjoyment.


Viva Cream is a sexual support product designed to help women of all ages gain incredible sexual enhancements. According to the creators of Viva Cream, nearly 50 percent of all women will experience some form of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. Due to this common struggle, achieving an orgasm can be incredibly difficult for many women. To help women overcome these, and any other related sexual struggles, women can conveniently incorporate Viva Cream into their daily lifestyles.

3 x Handy 10 ml tubes.

 Take your lovemaking to new heights of pleasure and see how Viva Cream helped couples the world over become closer with more satisfying sex. Increase sexual desire or simply get a little boost for your orgasm. This versatile arousal cream is great for all.


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Viva Cream 10ml 3 Pack Date Added: Tuesday 09 December, 2014

by Jasmine, Petrie

Viva Cream Made Me Extremely Horny

I have to admit to a secret. I have sometimes had trouble getting in the mood for sex. It's not that I don't find my husband attractive. I definitely do, but there were times when I just couldn't seem to get my body to respond to him as quickly as my mind did. Then a friend told me about Viva cream. This little tube has helped me tremendously, giving me that sexual edge that sends my body into the ready position every time.
I have tried other products over the years. I have used mechanical devices that promised to stimulate me, and I have used creams that were supposed to do all kinds of things from getting warm to glowing in the dark. Not one of them delivered on the promise to make me want sexual activity. Also many of them created a sticky film that was hard to wash off and unpleasant to my husband when he touched me.
La Viva cream is the best because it goes on smoothly and is easily absorbed by my skin. It leaves no sticky residue behind. I just put a small dab of the cream onto my clitoris and rub, or I have my husband rub it in for me. Within seconds, I am feeling an electric buzz of desire and getting hornier by the moment. The stimulation is so effective that it is hard for me to believe sometimes that all that power came from one application of this miracle cream.
Besides getting me more interesting in sex with my husband, La Viva cream has made my sex life better than ever before. I used to not be able to orgasm during sex, no matter what my partner tried. La Viva cream is the magic ingredient that can push me over the top in almost any situation. I now enjoy regular orgasms during intercourse with my husband.
Viva cream has changed my marriage and my life. We used to come home at night and go right to sleep, and the lack of sex was becoming a point of conflict between us. Now we can't wait to get our hands on each other. When we are out together, I like to give him that special look that says I want to end the night out early. He makes an excuse to take me home, and I apply La Viva cream to get my body ready for a session of the best lovemaking I've had in my life. My husband and I are closer than ever, and our friends say we act like teenagers. When my girlfriends ask what happened to us, I share my secret by offering a tube of La Viva cream.
If your interest in sex is decreasing and your love life is just not what it used to be, try the Viva cream to stimulate your body and get you in the mood for amazing sex. You will wonder how you ever got by without it. I know I do.

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