Vibe Therapy Microscopic Mini P

G-Spot Vibrator

Vibe Therapy

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A discreet size, this vibrator is the perfect companion of the first pleasures.

The rigid shell is covered with ABS warm and soft as silk, with orchids in low relief.

Fitted A vibrator, sextoy shivers after this 3 speed.

Press the push button tail to set in motion vibrations.

Maximize contact with one water based lubricant.

  • Made of 100% medical grade silicone and ABS plastic.
  • 7 Vibration Programs.
  • Battery case for 1 AA Battery.
  • Fuction button.


Vibe Therapy are the creators of the Vibe Therapy, Mojo, Layla, Play Candi sex toy lines. So when you want to get your sexual Mojo badk or are ready to just Layla down and play. You will find the ultimate vibration therapy with these sensational sex toys that are innovative and made for fun. So when you think of sex toys let Vibe Therapy take control.

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Vibe Therapy Microscopic Mini P Date Added: Wednesday 03 February, 2016

by Anonymous

Simple made simple is the best way to describe the Mini P. Small in size yet does not lack in power but really we know that size does not matter, it is how you use it! The Mini P is a fantastic first time toy for those who are starting to experiment with both clitoris toys and internal toys. Due to its powerful motor the Mini P provides a range of different functions through its easy to use one button system.
The Mini P does not lack in quality either, made out of a smooth silicone it is a perfect toy for comfort and pleasure. Now I must admit due to its size at first I was like yeah no thanks it’s on the smaller side but no this baby is feisty! Now its shape design is perfect for stimulating the G-spot as it is curved slightly upwards with a penis like head, meaning that once inserted it will be rubbing up against the G-spot! YAY!
Now the reason why earlier I said it was fantastic toy for beginners is due to 1. It’s size 2. It’s shape 3. It’s vibration speeds.. But wait isn’t that the main feature of all toys? Yes but they don’t make them like this anymore! Its size is the just bigger than a bullet allowing it to be inserted whilst still being small enough to be used as a clitoral stimulator without getting in the way during sex. Its shape like I said before is not an intimidating one for first time users, it looks like a circumcised penis making it not really looking like a vibrator. The last but not least the motor powered by a single AA battery is a very strong one, I am not a fan of battery operated toys however the Mini P I have a soft spot for.

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