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This sleeve is the smooth sleeve. The benefit of the verspanken is that you can mix and choose the sleeves. Not only can you have them interacting with each other, but you could choose to have one warmed up and one cold and pretty much in whatever combination that you can think of.


The Verspanken is a delightful customisable masturbator that's all about you. Its about that moment when you first enter someone, it's that moment that takes you all the way to the edge. The feeling and sensation of sliding in and not and then being englufed by the sensual, warm lips that not only take you deep and hard, but ensure that you finish exactly the way that you want. That sensation is the Verspanken.


VerSpanken is all about YOU. It's about the pressure you like, it's about the temperature that feels right, it's about the texture that keeps you coming back for more. With the open-ended housing and snap closure, the user controls the pressure. Unlike other toys, the user can change the texture and even the temperature experience.


VerspankenT is approximately 9'' long and 4'' wide.


 Available in Bumpy and Smooth Options


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