Ultimate Steel Ass Lock

The Ultimate Ass Lock, Ass Filler, Rectal Probe, BDSM, Anal Chastity

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Add another measurement to anal play with the Anal Lock

There have been anal attachments; connects that go into the butt and offer a visual excitement. The Anal Lock makes takes this measure to a whole new level in anal play. At the point when inserted, the wearer can feel the metal travel every last bit of the anal cavity. When completely embedded, a basic push of the back bit of the attachment causes the the probe bit to extend.


Once extended, the attachment can then be secured with the included lock and key and control of the wearer's most touchy of ranges is given to his/her lover. The bar handle on the fitting takes into account firm hold and issues you an opportunity to control the attachment at your longing.

The Anal Lock Specs and Benefits:

Size: Measures approx.17cm overall length,

12 cm insertable

With expanding and collapsing bulb

Material: Surgical grade stainless steel, elastic and padlock
The lock and key will keep the completely extended module in place.

The bar handle takes into consideration simple grasp and control of plug's position


Hell’s Couture is a kinky company. They’ve been created by people that love bondage, breathe fetish, and play kink. Therefore they understand what makes people different and what makes them tick. That’s why Hell’s Couture has created a wide variety of kink and fetish toys for couples. Specialising in leather pieces from restraints to whips, as well as steel penis plugs and chastity cages – hells couture understand kink and has brought it directly to you

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Ultimate Steel Ass Lock Date Added: Friday 08 May, 2015

by Anonymous

This kind of worked as advertised for me, easily able to insert it. It popped open on demand when the button was pressed and stayed in locked for a pleasant 30 minutes - so far so good. Also tested it as one end of an electrical connection with a TENS unit, it works great for that as well. The problem is that it is too damn small. When I wanted it out, I hopped in the shower gave a good push and out it fell. This doesn't really surprise me as Mistress regular trains me with toys up to a four inch diameter.

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