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The King of Victory; the emperor of erotic pleasure! You’ll come to love his majestic performance and honour him as the king of your toy box. Your royal friend who’s always there for you, to put you at your ease... Delivering vibrations through an ultra sonic motor. 3 different add-ons to choose and change as you want. Can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. Powered by 2x AAA batteries. Ergonomically designed for easy insertion. Splash-proof for use in the shower.



Shots Sextoys is an adult lifestyle company who aim to deliver inspirational product designs. The provide a large range of products including oral stimulators, vibrators, anal sex toys, BDSM gear, bondage wear and much more. Their brand names include Loveline, Real Rock, Touche Sex Products and De Namour Lingerie. Shots Sextoys are shipped privately to your front door worldwide.

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TOUCHE King of Victory Date Added: Thursday 28 January, 2016

by Tim, Arlington

The little pocket massagers are still a popular option for many couples today. Today, i want to look at the King of Victory by Touche. This is double the price of the doc johnson pocket vibrator, so i was eager to get my hands on it.
Unlike something like the doc johnson the small little detachable heads on the KOV are a soft silicone. I'm sure ive mentioned this before in many reviews, but small silicone nodules can work fantastically well in accentuating vibrations. Because they're soft, they'll actually vibrate more than something hard and firm. The trade off on something like this though, is that it doesn't perform as well when pressed firmly against the body as the silicone (unable to move with the vibrations) can actually absorb the vibrations more so than a firm ABS plastic. But, as you'll see that's not for all toys.

The KOV has three interchangeable heads. Firstly, the crown shaped one which would provide all round vibration to the clit or nipples or even the head of the penis. The second one is a delightfully spiked head and the last one a smooth oval head.I put the crown on and felt the vibrations and it was alright. This one you'll need to apply pressure with to get the full effect of the vibrations, once the middle part of the attachment is on what it needs to be. My favourite one is the little spikey one. This just feels awesome, whilst im not sure if the strength of the vibrations is acceptable for those that like a mild buzz with some ribbing it'll feel great. The third head is a solid silicone is probably the strongest because it is solid and you can therefore apply the most pressure with it. It use two triple a batteries and is very quiet, it doens't have multiple speeds or settings though, which is a bit upsetting.

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Thank you for your honest and thorough review. Always much appreciated


on 2016-02-02 12:59:51

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