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Easily Swan's most powerful model yet. Beautiful in design, extraordinary in power, the Swan Wand is perfect for soothing sore muscles, or for some intense fun for the naughty & adventurous.  The Swan Wand is virtually seamless with a 100% silicone finish. It's smooth, soft and waterproof for a luxurious feel like none other.


If you're looking for the perfect combination of power and fun, the Swan Wand features 2 incredible PowerBullet motors - one at each tip - with 7 functions each. With a simple button for each vibration, set both functions identically for synchronous fun or experiment by trying a different vibration on each end. Each tip is also able to be used on its own.


For portability and convenience, the Swan Wand has a travel lock and is charged using a USB cord. Simply disconnect it when the charge is complete and it's ready for use.  Explore & titillate every part of your body with the most powerful Swan yet!  Comes in new sleek black Swan packaging with Satin Carry bag included.


BMS Factory are the proud manufacturers of the following sex toy lines. Palmpower, Pantyvibe, Rain, Leaf+, Leaf, Swan, Swan Squeeze Control, Lux, Mae B, PowerBullet, Euphoria, Platinum, Esensuals, Breeze, MiVibe, Booty Beads, Power G, Ultimate Personal Shaver and Simple & True. Why not check out the Swan Sex Toys online here.

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The Swan Wand Date Added: Thursday 22 October, 2015

by Sarah, Penshurst

Are you a powerful queen? Would you love to experience the best G-sport stimulation? Do like huge sex toys? Would you love to experience the power of an external caress-er? I will highly advise you to use the Swan Wand that was developed by BMS Factory. The Swan Wand is a sex toy that has been highly rated by many women. it is also considered to be the most powerful model from the company. The Swan Ward is also considered as the best toy for soothing muscles and for intense masturbation in women. I have used the Swan Wand for quiet sometime and I can assure you that the experience was very awesome and unique when compared with other sex toys manufactured by other companies. I consider this sex toy as my own powerhouse that cannot be substituted with other sex toys. I love The Swan Wand and that is why am not ashamed to talk to you about it. I have used this sex toy for every masturbation session that I have had. I have also used this product with my girlfriend she really liked it too.
The Swan Wand sex toy is a seamless that has a 100% silicon finish. This means that the Swan Wand is very hypo-allergic, non-porous, phthalate-free, and body-safe. The sex toy is also has a powdered smoothness but it is also advisable to use lubricators because is very draggy. The Swan Wand sex toy was originally named The Palm Power Exchange. It is considered to be a very powerful sex toy from the Swan Line sex toys. The swan wand does not only produce powerful vibrations but it also has two sides that are insert-able. One side is larger than the other side. The thinner side has a ��nJoy Eleven’ shape. It is because of these combinations that I am very happy to tell you that if you like vibrant, powerful, and deep vibrations you should purchase the Swan Wand sex toy. These vibrations are produced by a set of two motors that are installed in the Swan. Each vibration has its own button that is very easy to control. I also observed that the toy produces about seven different vibrations-four different patterns and three different continual vibration intensities-that are controlled by the simple buttons. The good thing about this toy is that, it is very easy to turn on and off and the same time very hard to turn on by accident.
The manufacturer of this amazing product designed it in a special way so that it would be elegant which I would not hesitate to support. The Swan Wand toy has a very beautiful pink color that is very appealing. When you purchase this product, you will also get a sturdy box –that is also meant to improve the elegance stance of the sex toy. The Swan also comes with its own storage bag that has Swan logo on the front side. This bag helps in keeping the Swan from breaking. I heard one of my friends say that, if her Swan Wand would break she would mourn and probably organize a funeral service for it. The Swan Wand is also rechargeable via a USB cable. The USB cable that is in the toy package has a Swan tag that is very awesome. This has highly the problems that are related to recharging the sex toys. I have had trouble when recharging other sex toys and that is why I appreciate the effort by the BMS factory to tag all the sex toys and their chargers. Every woman who has used this product will support me when I say that this company has done its best to ensure that we acquire our sex pleasures without much difficulty.
The Swan Wand has a one-year warranty and ten-year limited guarantee. This will help you get a new Swan in case you find that your toy does not perform well. You will only be required to register your Swan Wand to take advantage of these great safety packages. The Swan can be purchased from online sex-toy shop adultsmart for $92 which was the cheapest price I could find in Australia. I would therefore recommend all powerful queens and size queens to try using this product and am sure you will not be disappointed.

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