Tenga Iroha Yuki

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Tenga Iroha Yuki

After years of giving men incredible pleasure, Tenga, Japan's most stylish and innovative adult toys brand, have turned to the ladies at last. Behold the Iroha Vibrator. You would expect nothing less from Tenga; it looks stunning, a sleek and super-silent vibe that will give you discreet but unforgettable experiences.


It's ultimately all about function, performance and pleasure. And the Iroha gets top marks on all these areas. First of all, the vibe is super easy to control - just two buttons on the bottom. No awkward mechanics or complex controls to spoil the mood. Secondly, it's waterproof, allowing you to take it anywhere and also not worry about getting it wet from your own liquids.


There are three versions, each in a unique color and shape. The Yuki takes its name from a traditional kind of snowman in Japan. Of course, it's white and check out the tip, which can go deep into your inner recesses. 


 Iroha features:

  • Anti-dust coating
  • Waterproof (do not submerge)
  • Four levels of vibration
  • Power: USB or AC adaptor, charges via the base
  • Charging time: around 120 minutes for around 90 minutes of use (at high vibration setting)

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Tenga Iroha Yuki Date Added: Thursday 19 November, 2015

by Anonymous

The iroha series is a japanese branded toy created by women for women. Their brand slogan is, redefining pleasure, and when you feel this product you can certainly see why. Lets get the tech specs out of the way first, it takes about two hours to fully charge this product and at full speed continuosly you'll get about an hour and a half play out of these toys. Made from an FDA approved silicone which is dust resistant as well, the tenga iroha's are body safe and won't absorb any bacteria like rubber products. Due to the silicone material, it is advised that you don't use body oils on this which can potentially break down the silicone. Whilst 'water resistant', they are not submersible and should not be put under water. With four modes, low, medium, high and pulse, the iroha brand is simple and easy to use. It conists of three massagers midori, yuki and sakura, each with slightly different purposes and functions. The yuki is designed to be inserted along the edges of the vaginal entrance to tease and tantalise as well as providing an all over body massager, the same can be said of the midori. The midori with its focused tip is designed to provide pleasure at specific points on the body and can used to unwind those aches and cramps and muscle knots. The sakura, with a slightly indented and pointed tip is designed to pinch and please and is fantastic for clitoral stimulation (or to be used on the penis in sensitive parts such as the frenulum). These toys are classy, and whilst they're not the most powerful of vibrators out there they are stilll a highly sought after vibrator. They can be held easily in the hand and the material is both soft and unique and make for a very comfortable body massager as well as for use with the genitals. They're very popular for people looking for a soft clitoral vibrator or massager, as well as a discreet vibrator. Whilst the charging port can be a bit cumbersome it is simple and easy to use, just sit the product on top, put the cap over and off you go.

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