Tenga Iroha Sakura Massager

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Tenga Iroha Sakura Massager

The cherry-blossom pink Sakura allows you to pinch, and pleases with its indented tip. iroha is coated in a soft, supple material, with a smooth, refined finish. The soft touch material allows you to enjoy self-care that is akin to a massage. Iroha is water proof and can be washed in water with ease. With its 'anti-dust coating' it also repels dust for a clean hygienic experience every time.


The Sakura is designed to provide for all tastes, with subtle to strong vibrations and a rhythmical pattern, for you to choose and use as you please. All powered with a powerful but near silent motor, so it can be used in peace. Two buttons without confusing controls provide instant enjoyability at your fingertips. Iroha products are powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes in a case that also recharges it.



When you are after the best selling sex toys in Japan and know making massive inroads into the Western Market Tenga is a company renowned for it’s innovation and promotion of safe sex toys.


Tenga has redefined pleasure for women with the new Iroha Plus line of personal massagers. The Iroha Plus’ defining Soft Touch material comes paired with a powerful motor and new rhythm patterns designed to deliver a wide variety of pleasurable experiences.


The unit is rechargeable and comes with a charging dock and USB charging cable. The Tori is also waterproof, and the unique shape allows it to access and stimulate various erogenous zones and is perfect to use with a partner or by yourself. Tease, squeeze and play with the easy-to-use Tori to experience new-found intimacy,


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