Tenga Iroha Minamo

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Tenga Iroha Minamo


Curvy and wave-shaped design. Slightly thicker than the MIKAZUKI, it deliveres undulating, ocean-like sensations and pleasure. Ergonomically designed to fit the countours of a woman's body, the soft and supple texture unique to iroha's line of luxury massagers dilivers the ultimate experience of indulgence. 



When you are after the best selling sex toys in Japan and know making massive inroads into the Western Market Tenga is a company renowned for it’s innovation and promotion of safe sex toys.


Iroha are all beautifully sleek and discreetly rechargeable vibrating massagers. Each offers a unique seducing feel, close to the tactility of skin. Balancing healing powers with gentle tenderness. All massagers produce multiple vibration strengths from simple two-button controls. Quiet pulses build desire. The Iroha range opens opportunities to explore pleasurable sensations with a variety of sizes and shapes. All the range build arousal whether used outside or inside the female erogenous area.



How to use:

1. Press and hold the small button to turn off. Set the vibration mode in reverse order

2. Press and hold the large button to turn on. Adjust vibration mode from Low/Mid/High/Pulse

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Tenga Iroha Minamo Date Added: Saturday 14 May, 2016

by Anonymous

why is this not the best sex toy on the market?

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