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IROHA Midora

The rounded, green MIDORI can be used to caress all over, or enjoy pin-point sensations with its tip.


Iroha is coated in a soft, supple material, with smooth, refined finish. All three products are splash proof, and can be washed in water with ease. With its "anti-dust coating", it also repels dust, for a clean, hygienic experience every time. Iroha is designed to provide for all tastes, with subtle to strong vibrations, and a rythmical pattern, for you to choose and use as you please. Iroha comes in a case that also recharges it. Simply place in its storage case to charge, so next time, you can use it as soon as you wish. Self-care truly it at your figertips, cleaner, faster and stronger than ever before.



When you are after the best selling sex toys in Japan and know making massive inroads into the Western Market Tenga is a company renowned for it’s innovation and promotion of safe sex toys.


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Tenga IROHA Midori Date Added: Monday 22 February, 2016

by Marika, Earlwood

The Iroha collection is a range of luxury, female silicone vibrators manufactured by Tenga. Despite of being a male sex toy specialised brand, Tenga has demonstrated to address women in a very innovative way, coming up with a range of products that have a unique shape and texture. The Midori is not only a vibrator, it is like a little pet: soft, squishy, smooth, vibrating... and cute. It is made for aesthetics lovers. When you pinch it, it feels like if it was going to respond with a little noise.

Designed to stimulate on clitoris and labia, it measures 3 inches in total length from tip to tail and 2.5 inches in width from edge to edge. It has a 6.5 inch circumference imitating the shape of a pear. These small dimensions ensure easy handling as the Midori can be held in the palm of your hand. The most distinguishing aspect of this vibrator is its squishy texture, in a similar way to a stress ball or a firm marshmallow. This gives a very real-feel touch to the vibrator, just like if you were masturbating with a vibrating piece of flesh. However, I know that some women do prefer rigid/hard surfaces to rub against their clitoris and labia, because this way vibrations feel stronger.

The silicone skin that covers the toy also feels very silky to touch. With some waterbased lubricant it will glide amazingly well. Iroha advertises that this skin is dust repellent and it really is, it always looks as clean as the first day.

Midori has 4 vibration settings. The first 3 are continuous speeds at different intensities, and the last setting is a medium pulse. It is strong, but not the strongest in the market. While this can be more than enough for some women, it may be disappointing for those who love really powerful vibrations. However, I find the strongest level of vibration kind of rumbly, which can be appreciated by many. The control buttons could not be simpler, with two arrows two turn it on, turn it off or change speeds. It is a magnetic USB rechargeable toy, which fosters its simplicity and usability, and it takes 2 hours to run 90 minutes of pleasure.

The noise level of this vibrator is very low compared to other small vibes, probably because its squishy material cushions the vibrations. A downside is that it is not waterproof and caution must be taken when washing the toy to avoid the control buttons. For a luxury sex toy, it seems like if it should have been developed as waterproof.

Overall, I would say that this is definitely a great option to consider for those who find We Vibe's Tango a bit overwhelming and prefer a toy to cuddle their clitoris with. Something uniquely plush with moderately powerful vibrations.

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