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Tenga Flip-Hole

Combining the best parts of the original TENGA Flip Hole with an entirely new internal texture and a sleek black exterior, the world's greatest male masturbator just got better! Enjoy better-than-real sensations and a tighter feel. The latest update in the TENGA collection, this reusable sex toy is the second incarnation of the best selling Flip Hole design.


The discreet exterior casing looks fantastic and has three separate buttons on either side to control the internal pressure. Press the top button to massage the head of your penis, press the middle button to tease your shaft and the bottom button to enjoy knee-trembling sucking sensations - the choice is yours.


Standing at 7 inches tall with a sleek, subtle look and a non-realistic opening this male masturbator doesn't look like a sex toy. Although this fantastic male sex toy looks innocent, you can insert up to 6.5 inches of your shaft into the Flip Hole. The discreet 1 inch opening stretches to accommodate even the largest of girths up to 2.5 inches in diameter.


Inside the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, there is a fantastically stimulating texture made up of waves, nodules, bumps and ridges while the brand new 'pyramid' design ensures deliciously tight sensations. The super sensual textures of the Black Flip Hole caress, hold, stroke and rub your penis is ways that you never thought possible.This wonderfully innovative sex toy is so easy to clean and use that it will have you coming again and again... When you're done simply open the Flip Hole's casing, rise with warm water and leave to dry.


Made of high quality materials and packaged in a unique case, the TENGA Flip Hole comes with TENGA lubricants designed to work in harmony with the Flip Hole




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Tenga Flip-Hole Date Added: Saturday 20 September, 2014

by Cindy, Augusta Bay

I purchased the Tenga Flip Hole, Black for my husband a year ago. I read reviews on everything I purchase and this sleeve intrigued me based on the fact that the manufacturer took a scientific approach and created this for the pleasure of the experience over trying to imitate the female anatomy. I read that it was initially designed for the man who suffered from flaccidity for some reason or another, which to me meant that it would stimulate every nerve ending possible. Clearly it doesn't look anything like other stimulator sleeves, and I've purchased several over the years. When I showed my husband he thought it looked bizarre and expected it to be a gimmick. I hadn't told him the history nor the cost of the Tenga before I tried it on him, so he had no point of reference as to its quality or experience. That was then, and this is now...It took only one time for him to give a glowing review. Well he almost glowed. He said that it was the best experience over and above any other non-electric sleeve he's used. (I also bought him a Venus 2000) Don't let the "shelf-life" or the cost of the Tenga dissuade your purchase. The manufacturer states that it has fifty "lives." I have not counted how many times I've used it on my husband but he thinks that it will last longer depending on how well the sleeve is maintained. It has some soft "tissue" flapping around which might get torn by harsh cleaning practices. So far there has been no visible signs of "wear and tear." Without a doubt, when the Tenga is on its last legs, I will purchase a new one immediately.When he wants to use a toy, this one is the "go to" choice. I have experimented with the three "buttons" on the shaft. Basically, it provides a tightening pressure at the top, middle and bottom of the shaft and I'm told it is a notable difference. As noted by other reviewers, there is also a suctioning effect and correlative sound. It has never been a distraction to its intended outcome. My husband prefers vibration with any sleeve option. I recommend using the Lelo Siri since it is small and compact and can be used in the free hand, traveling in unison with the Tenga. I have small hands and have no problem using the Lelo Siri right up against the base of the Tenga so that they move as one piece. Or use the Tenga near the top and stroke up and down with the vibrator. Or, just keep the vibrator stationary, at the base.I noticed that there is a new "red version" which came out during the holidays. I noticed that it didn't have the little "gates" to break through like the Flip Hole Black. I don't own the white version but looking at the "anatomy" of the white one, I believe the this black one provides a more stimulating experience. This was not an easy review to write, however, I considered all the female and male "toys" I have purchased over the years, and by far, it was the reviews that almost always led me to the best option. I hope it helps others to the same end.

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