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Tenga Flip-Hole

Combining the best parts of the original TENGA Flip Hole with an entirely new internal texture and a sleek black exterior, the world's greatest male masturbator just got better! Enjoy better-than-real sensations and a tighter feel. The latest update in the TENGA collection, this reusable sex toy is the second incarnation of the best selling Flip Hole design.


The discreet exterior casing looks fantastic and has three separate buttons on either side to control the internal pressure. Press the top button to massage the head of your penis, press the middle button to tease your shaft and the bottom button to enjoy knee-trembling sucking sensations - the choice is yours.


Standing at 7 inches tall with a sleek, subtle look and a non-realistic opening this male masturbator doesn't look like a sex toy. Although this fantastic male sex toy looks innocent, you can insert up to 6.5 inches of your shaft into the Flip Hole. The discreet 1 inch opening stretches to accommodate even the largest of girths up to 2.5 inches in diameter.


Inside the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, there is a fantastically stimulating texture made up of waves, nodules, bumps and ridges while the brand new 'pyramid' design ensures deliciously tight sensations. The super sensual textures of the Black Flip Hole caress, hold, stroke and rub your penis is ways that you never thought possible.This wonderfully innovative sex toy is so easy to clean and use that it will have you coming again and again... When you're done simply open the Flip Hole's casing, rise with warm water and leave to dry.


Made of high quality materials and packaged in a unique case, the TENGA Flip Hole comes with TENGA lubricants designed to work in harmony with the Flip Hole




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Tenga Flip-Hole Date Added: Friday 25 March, 2016

by Yoki, Park St Books

Masturbation... What a magical word and once you are in, what a magical world as well! Apart from women, this word means a lot of things for men. All men know well the place of it in their lives but each of them has different interpretations for the action itself. That was the first thing we've done with a pillow or something else, mostly unconsciously, even before learning how to speak when we were a little child.

For some reasons that I couldn't understand, we have been fooled by lies about masturbation. For instance, "If you jerk off too much (why too much? Does it mean that do it once a week but don't cross the line?) you will have pimples all over your face or an adolescent having pimples on his face was subjected to hearing absurd sentences. Anyway, to cut to the chase, it is 2010s and people in the industry have met the needs of men with launching great masturbators. One of those is the Flip Hole Masturbator designed by Tenga which is a Japanese company and really good at masturbators.

The Flip Hole Masturbator has 4 different styles which are black, silver, red and white. Each of them is designed to give different sensations either by unique textures of the internal sleeve or by the pressure buttons on the side of the toy. The toy is made of TPR Silicone which is hypoallergenic, latex and phthalate free and has series of ribs, ripples and orbs on the sleeve. The material softness is different in each of the types. (White is the softest and black is the hardest). It is 6 3/4 inches in length so if you are hung, this toy will not give you great sensations. The buttons on the toy provide pressure at three different points independently or together and can also be used for added suction.

It comes with a cap, instruction guide and 3 different samples of lubricants in its package. Those are wild, real and mild from the thinner one to the thicker respectively. It is better follow the steps in the guide before and after use as can be seen below. The most important thing before use is to lube the toy up. It is really simple! Open the toy, lay it out and apply plenty of lube. You know that the lubricant must be water-based or specifically Super Slyde ( I got a chance to try it just a few days ago, shame on me, OMG it rocks!!!). Then close the sides, slide the cap and penetrate! After each use open up the toy, hold it under warm water for a while and wash with mild soap and rinse it. Use the cap as a stand for drying after cleaning as shown below. Thus, you can use your toy over 50 times which is the advertised number of reuse.

I am going to talk about the types of the Flip Hole Masturbator briefly. Let me start with the black one.

It has the firmest sleeve among all of them. Triangular walls zig zag throughout the toy, offering more resistance to the head of the penis. Obviously, the texture is designed for intense frenulum and glans stimulation.

The Red one has dozens of nubs and brushing rib to provide friction to the head of the penis. The texture is lighter than the one in Black. This is for men seeking strong amounts of suction rather than focusing on texture.

The texture on the Silver one is more plain compared to the others. It is a bit firmer than the White one but the low profile texture makes this one smoother. It is for men who find the White one tight.

Although the Flip Hole Masturbator is treated as a toy for solo play, there is no restrain using it as a couple toy. However, in my opinion, don't let anyone be between you and your toy. No matter what colour you choose, you will certainly love it! After you taste the Flip Hole Masturbator, you will not want to use hands or something else! (except for having intercourse of course).

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