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Easily the most realistic O2 we've ever created, Luke was designed to make your fantasies as authentic as possible.

Tantus' Dual Density O2 line delivers maximum satisfaction through a Super Soft outside and a hard muscle core, both made of Tantus' own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

Luke is available in Flesh, and Black, and works beautifully in a harness.

Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe.


Diameter: 2"
Length: 5.5"


Sexual happiness is an undeniable need of any man, woman or couple and Tantus Sex Toys understands that very well. It was born and brought to satisfy the needs of naughty and romantic people whose imaginations have never known any bounds. The products make their customers smile in satisfaction and their health regulations ensure that all products are anti-allergic and suited to cater flexible needs.

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Tantus Luke O2 Date Added: Friday 22 January, 2016

by Anonymous

Tantus - the tagline of which says good clean fun. In a world where the sex industry is unregulated and any company can claim their toy is made out of a particular material - it can be difficult to ensure the quality of toys and their materials. Tantus is a company that has undergone specific testing to verify their silicone claims - there are numerous ways to create silicone toys as this article by Dnagerous Lily explores during an interview with a tantus founder Metis Black.
As Matis Black states in one of her interviews one of the hardest things to break through in the industry in 1997 (Fun Fact; tantus is actually older than Lelo and Fun Factory) was convincing people that an 'expensive' dildo is worth the cost - and indeed at 100 bucks plus a pop - these dildos can be a little difficult to sell at times. It doesn't vibrate, it has no special 'functions', and it doesn't have a suction cup. But - there's no sacrifice on quality and i firmly believe that tantus is one of the best. Today i'm looking at the Tantus Luke 02 with Black Matte Finish. If you have a look at the above interview link, it'll explain the processes of how they get different silicone finishes which is interesting and will help with the question of 'You say Lelo and Fun Factory are both silicone - but why do they feel different?'. The 02 Luke has three different 'types' of silicone. The hard core, the soft matte finish, and the slick finish of the head.The 02 tantus range is touted as being their most realistic and they achieve this by using a dual density silicone. So Luke, has a strong and firm silicone core, with a thin softer layer of silicone on the outside giving the toy that little squishy feel without it being rock hard. This feels more pronounced on the shaft of this toy where you have a different finish to the head. The Luke has some realistic veins on it as well for a little extra stimulation without it being overly veiny and weird looking. No offense to all the veiny cocks out there - and there are some doozy's! This product is suitable for for harnesses, and for anal play.
The use of silicone toys and silicone lubricant is still very much debated in the circles, but generally most companies agree that a high quality silicone toy will work with a high quality silicone lubricant (i.e superslyde, pjur as can be seen in the above interview) Tantus toys, including the 02 Luke, are extremely durable and hygienic.
To clean tantus toys you can sterilise with a 10% bleach solution, dishwash them, boil them for a short period of time, or use an alchohol free toy cleaner. It is advised that you don't put them in the water, but rather put a towel in the bottom of a glass bowl, put the toy on top and pour boiling water over and let it sit for a few minutes. I like the Luke because of it's unique feel, knowing that it is real siicone, and has a soft finish compared to some of the other silicone toys means that i know it'll be more enjoyable. Be warned! Tantus products can be a little on the above average side of things - despite the Luke 02 being at a standard length of five and a half inches it does have a diameter of two inches, so if they're after something standard sized, this may not be the toy for them. Remember that whilst this toy is soft, it's not a jelly/ur3 material and it simply doesn't have as much give as some of the other materials.
Whilst some people do prefer hard toys and silicones, it can be in particular for anal play, difficult on the body and place undue stress. This toy just feels awesome and i can't speak more highly of it. Grab it out and touch it - you know you want to! :)

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