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The Amazon is versatile, comfortable, and empowering. This single-strap harness features a wide band that sits sensually and securely on the hips while keeping the base of your toy snug against your body. Adjustable straps allow ideal positioning and secure control. Designed for optimal comfort and fit, Tantus’ Amazon Harness is the ultimate complement to your harness-compatible toys.


Fits 33-53” / 76-134 cm hips.
Leather ring fits 1.5” / 3.81 cm based toys



Most men and women tend to deprive themselves of carnal pleasures. The results can be very frustrating and pathetic. Get the cream of sexual happiness with Tantus sex toys. Worry not because these are made from body friendly components and they do not pose harm from allergies and infections. Tantus guarantees its users absolute pleasure with the use of Premium Ultra Silicone. Rejoice because it’s time to take a break from your daily chores. Use a vibrator and ignore your daily problems.


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