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Elegant, sensual couples play even more intense! If you want to give that special lady or guy in your life a mind-blowing experience, this can help! Plus, you benefit at the same time! It's a win-win situation! This toy would be particularly great for lesbian play.



The fact that this couple's toy is waterproof and travel ready only adds to the nearly limitless possibilities! It's also phthalates-free, so no need to worry about whether it's harmful to your body! It's not!! Oh, and the Swan is totally rechargeable!



The Eternal Swan was created to be worn without a harness, so there will be no tight straps digging into your tender flesh--no pain unless you want it ladies! An egg shape on one end allows the wearer to grip it firmly with their innermost muscles. The opposite end can be inserted into her partner--vaginally or anally--so that both lovers can experience orgasmic pleasure as one. Go ahead and give in to the allure of the Swan! This is one vice you won't regret having!



Designed for sexual couples play the Eternal will help keep the romance and sexuality happening in your relationship.  Both he and she will enjoy this pleasuring device which is 100% waterproof.  It allows limitless possibilities in bedroom play and is small enough to take away on that lustful or romantic holiday.


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Swan The Eternal Date Added: Monday 19 September, 2016

by glen&julie, Claremont

Hi fellow Adultsmart shoppers, writing another review about this amazing little Strapless Strap-on toy, which we bought around a year ago along with a We-Vibe 4 plus, which i have just left a review for in the We-Vibe 4 page of this website (better to write a review late than never)

As i had previously mentioned in my review of the We-Vibe 4 plus (just posted) these 2 toys are arguably the best quality toys that we have ever bought, both being the only 2 toys that have never faltered in any way due to either breaking, or due to them not working properly, so hats off to the manufacturers of both these 2 amazing toys.

So down to the nitty gritty of reviewing the performance and usability of this amazing brute of a toy, cos this little baby is simply amazing, but it does have a few minor drawbacks as far as its pegging ability goes, which is explained in my notes below, but, in saying this, we would never replace this toy for its intended use, and we will still be using this on a regular basis regardless of any other toys that we buy in the future, cos we simply love it.

We rank this baby 5 out of 5, and by far the best all round his and her toy that we have ever used so far, and we have been buying toys for a very long time.

1. For solo use, by her or him, this is amazing, you insert the bulb, and use the longer shaft with your other hand to manipulate the vibrating bulb to touch the G-Spot in her, or the P-Spot in him, and both of us can use it on each other when we are together as well, which is when i prefer to have it used on myself, i find it more pleasurable for her to do this for me while i lay back and enjoy the pleasures, and we have both used it in the shower a few times as well.

2. As a strap-on toy for her to wear while pegging me, well i would call this a shallow pegging strap-on, which for us, it only works to a degree in 2 positions, either her laying on her back and me straddle her and ride it gently, or me on all fours, and she rides penetrates me from behind, however, in both cases, there is very limited penetration because the shaft on this toy is not very long, and in our efforts to gain full penetration of the shaft, it has simply been impossible, the best we could manage would be no more than 2", and for me, i need the shaft to be at least 4" inside me to gain the real pleasure that i want and need for anal penetration (to hit the P-Spot) but i can say that when this toy is used for shallow pegging, the vibration of the shaft around my anal area is simply amazing.

The slight downside for this toy as a female to male pegging toy is if we do try to force penetration too much or too hard, the toy will slip out of her, because the bulb is not big enough to hold itself in place properly, especially whn she is wet, and the only way she could prevent it from falling out when she is pegging me harder is to contract her vaginal muscles to hold it in place.

3. As a strap-on toy for the male to wear for shallow pegging the female, it is even more difficult, and it is only achievable in one position for us, where i have to be laying out flat on my belly, with the bulb inserted anally, and the shaft pointing up between the butt cheeks, and she has to straddle my butt and slide herself onto the tip of the shaft and slide back and forth because if the angle of the shaft (cannot ride it in an up and down motion) but she has to be very wet, or use a water base lube, which also helps with the sliding over my butt (kind of like what you get from a nuru massage)

So, that is our take on this amazing little beast of a toy, definitely the best his and her all rounder toy in our opinion so far, probably except for the lack of deeper penetration when pegging, and the slight issue with the bulb popping out of her while pegging me, but it does not lose any points from us for this, as i believe that it was not designed for full penetration anyway, and no toy out there is ever going to be perfect anyway, but this gem of a toy is the best we have used so far.

A final note, we have just invested in one of those amazing looking Strapless Stap-on toys called the "Mischief Inflatable" which has the inflatable bulb, as well as it has a much longer 7" shaft with bulbs on it, so we look forward to receiving this toy to see how it performs for him and her pegging, so be watching out soon for my full review on that, should be an amazing experience.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Swan The Eternal Date Added: Wednesday 23 December, 2015

by Stephanie, Peppermint Grove

This beautiful little number is considered a strapless strap on. I'm actually surprised that the eternal is not more prominent on the market because whilst there are a few negative things about it, i feel the positives far outweigh them. Firstly, it's small. It is only about 11 inches in shaft length from a useable position, which comes in at 4.5 inches. (Coincidentally the average penis size is considered 5.1 inches. Journal of Urology, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of sexual medicine.) However, considering the majority of Lesbians that come into our stores are not looking for massive strap ons (Personal observation only and is in no way to be considered any sort of generalisation) i don't necessarily foresee it to be a major issue. It also has a very steep g/p curve for intense and precise G/P spot stimulation. It is a seamless pure silicone with two vibrating motors in it. The first motor is situated in the insertable bulbuous egg bit, with the second motor situated down the shaft. The great thing about this is that these two motors can be controlled seperately allowing different strengths occuring at the same time. The battery can last up to 7 hours and it only takes 3 hours for a full charge. As with most rechargeable vibrators these days, it is a lithium ion based battery, meaning that with proper care it won't build up a memory or anything like that (think old Nokia phone Batteries). If having strap on sex in the spa is your thing, this will do the job with the submersible charging port. Just don't take it deeper than a few metres. A great option for those looking for a strap on that pleases both the wearer and the recipient.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Swan The Eternal Date Added: Friday 06 March, 2015

by Lidya, Warwick Farm

Strap-on sex is a sensual approach to share with your lover. As much as I appreciate it, the straps have a tendency to drive me up the wall. I adore the inclination of skin to skin contact and wearing a restrictive harness frequently ruins that perspective. The Swan Eternal answers all those problems in that regard.

Strapless strap-ons are becoming more and more popular with sex toy users. The Eternal Swan is dissimilar to some other strapless strap's available, it’s a strap-on dong as well as a vibrator. With two effective engines, one in the horse end and one it the stallion end, it’s a fun ride for you both.

The horse end is your common ball shape that, for a few users stays in by tightening it with your Pelvic Wall muscles. A few people find that this is tricky to do and like to utilize a strap-on outfit or an undies style saddle. For me, I ordinarily can't keep these sorts of toys in. In any case, I was agreeably amazed with the Eternal Swan, its light weight is anything but difficult to keep in and control while I play.

The steed end isn't molded like a genuine cock and it’s not an off the wall plan either. Sorry gentlemen, I know how you feel; wielding a genuine dick is a genuine turn. On the other hand, the configuration isn't outwardly disappointing and its ideal for Prostate-spot excitement. Etched with the smooth outline that you've started to anticipate from Swan, the pole is delicately slanted making a wide lump territory for your P-spots delight. The tip is printed and but indented to make insertion agreeable and simple. Steadily getting greater down the pole, The Eternal Swan is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Both ends have an effective vibrating motor deliberately set for ideal joy of both lovers, controlled by two different controls; one for each motor. Strategically placed on the base side of the toy, they are anything but difficult to reach. With numerous strength levels, just press and hold as the intensity and vibrations climb. On and off with a single click, there's no bungling to push through to discover what's ideal for you.

Travel is taken care of, the Eternal Swan can be power locked to anticipate being inadvertently turned on.

A great deal more than a strapless strap-on, the Eternal Swan is fun when utilized as a part of different positions. Use it for prostate and perineum knead or for vaginal and clitoral incitement. The saddle's neck is adaptable and sits superbly to tempt and satisfy simply the right spots.

Produced using 100% medicinal silicone, its body safe and hypo-allergenic. Consistent, the silicone has a delicate and velvety feeling. Totally waterproof, taking your Swan into the shower is a pleasant turn to your good times. Rechargeable, it’s capable of 7 hours of fun from a solitary charge. Loaded with the lavish bliss that Swan is known, the Eternal Swan is in a class all its own.

Before choosing if the Eternal Swan is a good fit for you, there's a couple of things to be looked at as first or those players who are full figured, you may find that the stallion end is it a bit short or works for shallow infiltration only. Anyhow don't be turned off by that, the Eternal Swan can be enjoyable. Simply utilize it as a part of your hand like a standard vibrator to satisfy yourself or your accomplice.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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