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There's silicone lubricants and then there's superslyde. This wonderous product was created in the early 2000's and has quickly become one of the most popular silicone lubricants around the world. Why the fuss? It is one of the thinnest silicone lubricants, meaning that while it is providing the ultimate in lubrication, it's not sacrificing any of the sensation or feeling.


It is a pure grade silicone lubricant with ZERO additives, and is perfect for people that might be allergic to other lubricants, or to the nasty chemicals and additives that they might add. This lubricant has uses far beyond intimate activities and used by swimmers to reduce friction, latex and kink wearers to help put on their gear and make it shine as well as a myriad of other uses. This lubricant was created to fill the void of a top quality silicone lubricant that is still affordable. Superslyde not only fills the void, but sets the bar on silicone lubrication. Don't let this one slip through your fingers.


Superslyde is the best silicone personal lubricant on the market.  Winner of the prestigious Eros Fame award for Best Lotion or Potion in Australia for 2013 if beat off all the regular top shelf competitors.  In blind tests 9 out of 10 participants preferred Superslyde over other leading brands and 7 out of 10 said it would now be their lubricant of choice.

More and more adult retail outlets stock this fine lubricant.

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SuperSlyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 250ml Date Added: Saturday 26 March, 2016

by Nick, Penrith

It’s not hard to see why Super Slyde won the EROS Shine Award in 2013 for best Lubricant.
This leading edge silicone based lubricant has had 18 months and countless hours of research put into the product to perfect it as the inventor was so irritated with how quickly some silicone lubricants would either go sticky or dry up so he decided to launch his own! If you can’t use ‘em beat ‘em basically!

Super Slyde is fantastic compared to other silicone brands due to the fact that simple two drops can last for a very long time and is great for anal/vaginal sex.
The fact that it is silicone based means that you can use it not only in the bedroom but also in pools, baths and even spa’s!
Water does not affect the quality of the product and a small bottle can last upwards of a year, compared to other brands where you might go through 100ml’s within a couple months.
Another thing I love about this lube is that you can use it as a massage oil and it is very beneficial for the skin and works well with people with sensitive skin which gives it multiples uses besides just sex.
“In a double blind consumer survey comparing SuperSlyde to several market leaders, we asked survey participants to use and rate each sample based on the following performance scales:

Duration of lubrication
Texture & thickness
Ease of cleaning

Superslyde received the highest scores on each scale, and was rated the highest overall. Finally, when asked to pick only 1 product, 9 in 10 survey participants preferred SuperSlyde.”

So the results do speak for themselves and the size the bottles come in range from a small travel 100ml bottle upto the bigger 400 ml which can live beside your bed J

Pros:Cost (cheap compared to what’s on the market)The bottles look cool ( They have like a splattered graffiti look) It’s becoming well known and sought after.
Cons:The Flip lid is prone to leaking but this could be improved if they brought out a different type of top for the bottles.The bottle itself is very very slippery after first use so make sure to clean it thoroughly.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
SuperSlyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 250ml Date Added: Thursday 28 January, 2016

by Tammy, Endeavour Heights

In 2013 SuperSlyde won "Best Lotion & Potion" at the Eros Shine Awards, Australia's premier adult industry award, where 50% of the votes were coming from the public and 50% from a panel of expert judges. This means that everyone loves it, both professionals and normal users like you and me.

Gay and straight, males and females, choose SuperSlyde as their favorite silicone-based lubricant because of its many qualities. First of all, it is slippery and smooth as it forms a sheer layer the skin glides over. Secondly, it lasts really long, as it is not water-based and it is not absorbed by the skin. Silicone is great for people with a sensitive skin, so you may feel none or less irritation than with any other lube. As opposed to other silicone lubes, this one feels slick and slippery, not sticky after a few minutes. Thirdly, it can be used in the shower or bath, since it doesn't break down in water.

You can use it for masturbation purposes, couples' play or full body massage. It is suitable for both anal and vaginal penetration and can be used with condoms. It is latex safe. In the case of sex toys, you should not use it with silicone toys, but perfect for other materials such as steel.

Moreover, SuperSlyde does not promote yeast or other vaginal infections, as other type of oils do. It has not shown to increase the risk for HIV transmission during anal sex either, as some water-based lubes have.

It is very easy to clean from toys or skin with warm water. However, it may leave stains in fabrics that you can easily remove in the washing machine. If you need to remove it without changing your bed sheets, simply apply laundry stain remover or adult toy cleaner.

Good lubrication can really make a difference and take your sex encounter from OK to GREAT. It really is the "chemistry" one needs.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
We said:

Thanks a lot for your feedback Tammy. We have to agree that the Super Slyde Personal Silicone Lubricant is one of the very best on the markert


on 2016-02-02 13:10:32

SuperSlyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 250ml Date Added: Thursday 26 November, 2015

by Celine, Oh Zone Kogarah

Today I will be doing a review on Super Slyde lubricant.

First things first... one of my favourite things about this job is all the random facts that I now have in my head. I found these not so random (and very much relevant) facts online, which I thought were interesting:
1. The three types of silicone used in lubes, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone, are completely inert. That means that they will not bind to anything, including bacteria or fungus. Therefore they do not promote bacterial growth. Some of the additives in water-based lubes, and some of the oils in oil-based lubes can promote bacterial growth. (That's about as technical as this review is getting so bare with me).
2. Super Slyde is great for your split ends!
3. Super Slyde is also a great moisturiser and great for chaffing!
4. I read a review online and a lady said if you live in an area that snows - you put the super slyde on the bottom of the sled you go super duper fast, who knew?! Not so great for where we live...but hey, fun fact!
6. It washes easily off of any sheets, clothes and floors.
7. Is suitable to be used during anal sex.
8. Is great to use for a full body massage, leaves skin feeling hydrated.
9. It is hypoallergenic and non-irritating

Super Slyde is amazing as it is slick and slippery and unlike a lot of water-based lubes, does not go thick and sticky after just a few minutes use. I mean who doesn't want a lube that has 9 and many more (I'm sure of it) uses?!

We sell Super Slyde in 4 dfferent sizes: the handy travel companion - 100ml, the original size - 250ml and the Economy, serious lover of Super Slyde size in the 400ml.

Over all, Super Slyde is an incredible lubricant which can be used for so much more. Whether you're young, old, straight, gay, dry skinned, oily skinned, sensitive skinned or alien, I can guarantee it, you're going to love it.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
We said:
SLYDE is  My absolute fave so let me add a few things:
Its also a fantastic barrier lotion for Eczema, many swimming coaches also like to use it to protect their skin due to long periods in pools
Superslyde IS TOY SAFE which is not the norm for Silicone with alot of toys
Superslyde is also a great Make Up Primer
Fantastic for women who have a tendency to get THRUSH 
on 2015-11-26 08:20:00

SuperSlyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 250ml Date Added: Saturday 02 August, 2014

by Beth, Engadine

I suffer from vaginal dryness because of which my which my libido was in a constant decline. There was hardly any pleasure during sexual intercourse. Last night I got this sample at the Sydney Sexpo (Friday). It is the best lubricant I have ever used - which is what the staff at the booth tried to tell me. Thanks to this lubricant for bringing back for the first time in a long time the same amount of joy into my sex life that I have had in a long time. It has really revived my sex life - last night and hopefully now for many more nights!The reason why I will give this lubricant 5 stars is that it started working immediately after application on the clitoris and vagina. I used it just prior to intercourse. To my surprise , I have experienced the difference between other lubricants I used in the very first encounter. Now, hopefully each time I indulge in lovemaking it will work just as good. I made it a point to apply it all over my vagina. The best thing about this lubricant is that it is silicone and had no side effects at all and lasted forever. I even forgot about my usual problem of dryness as it just did not give up.
Like me, if you also want to enjoy your sex life to its fullest but suffer from dryness to the vagina, then you should get hold of this lubricant. If your sex life has turned monotonous and your relationship is on the verge of breaking up then try this lubricant - it really is that good and has opened up an area of my life that I thught was long gone.
It will change your life as I believe it has changed mine. Dryness of the vagina is acommon problem. Most females come across this problem every now andthen and others like me the problem is acute. There are many factors which are responsible for vaginal dryness like stress, hormonal disorders or side effects of medicines. If you have suffered from this problem, your mental agony and shattered self-confidence are comprehensible. Try this lubricant to bid-adieu to the vaginal dryness problemsyou had. I had been to doctors, specialists, counsellors and none had rectified the problem for me previously.
Though there are other lubricants available around and I had used many of them. But, to tell you frankly, no other lubricant had satisfied me more than this one. The price of admission to the Sydney Sexpo was well worth it and the girls from the Superslyde booth deserve my heartfelt gratitude for providing me such a wonderful lubricant. This is indeed the bestlubricant I have ever used.
Look, I cannot say I would be leaving this review had the ladies at the booth insist I do if I found the lubricant to be the best I had found and I trust that this review is worth the free sample bottle that they gave me. Anyone out there that uses lubricants to aid with their sex try this - if you get a chance go to the SuperSlyde Booth at Sexpo and they will give you a sample for free.My life often was miserable before because of vaginal dryness. My hubby used to complain and was indulging in self-pleasuring which really lowered my self esteem and caused resentment in my relationship. I owe a great thanks to this lubricant as I feel it may be the catalyst to completely change my life. My hubby is extremely satisfied now and for the first time in a long time we woke up spooning each other and actually laughed and talked over breakfast. Superslyde is a must buy for thevictims of vaginal dryness that is ruining their sex-lives.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
SuperSlyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 250ml Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014

by Jessica, Batemans Bay

This is the best damn lube I have ever used. It just keeps going on and on and you have to use so little. Thrown away all my water based lubricants - they just dont compare. Wish there was 6 stars as 5 out of 5 is just not good enough.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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