Super Dragon 6000 Male Delay Spray

Male Delay Spray


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Super Dragon 6000 helps combat premature ejaculation and oversensitivity.. Apply a light spritz over the erect penis 5 minutes before sex and you'll be able to keep your pecker up for a longer love-making session. Experience the greatest in male sexual performance.




Pheromones and delay sprays are an under rated part of intimacy. They can improve confidence, performance and sexual prowess. Here, you’ll find a collection of erection enhancers and sprays that will suit you and help you perform like the tiger you want to be in the bedroom. Affordable, and quality colognes and performance sprays now available

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Super Dragon 6000 Male Delay Spray Date Added: Thursday 27 November, 2014

by Anonymous

A cool name isn’t particularly important; what you really want to know is if it will actually help you delay ejaculation. Over a 2 week period I used it several times and recorded how long it helped me last. I also looked out for other details like how fast acting it was and any side effects or problems that occurred. Overall I found that the Super Dragon spray was definitely effective in numbing the penis. It increased my lasting time by at least 10 minutes. And it was probably the fastest acting I’ve discovered so far, starting to take effect in around 5 minutes.

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