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What is Sugar Cum?
Sugar Cum is a supplement that sweetens the body’s personal fluids. You simply take two capsules one hour before sexual activity. Our special formulation of extracts and your body’s pH levels work together to neutralize and improve the taste and smell of male and female secretions. The human body doesn’t naturally produce “sweet juices” and unfortunately is a major factor in diminishing sexual activity in individuals’ lives.

Sugar Cum is an all natural supplement and an affordable alternative that can keep you tasting good for your partner or paramour. Whether you have bitter tasting juices or want to spice up your oral sex experience, introducing Sugar Cum into your life is what you’re looking for. Two capsules of Sugar Cum should be taken on a daily basis as part of your regular diet for maximum results.

Benefits of Sugar Cum
Not only do you want to look and smell good for yourself or your partner, you also want to taste great as well. Just imagine how both of your sexual moods can elevate when your sex kitten savors your sugary sap. The benefit of taking Sugar Cum is not only sweet semen and vaginal fluids but also a boost in self confidence, sexual satisfaction and experiences. Whether its straight, gay or lesbian couples or singles, bragging rights are a part of the package; taste as sweet as eve’s forbidden fruit.

The capsule is easy to drink and it works effectively with continuous intake. There is nothing sexier than cool confidence when it comes to sex and intimacy in a relationship. You can take Sugar Cum alongside a well-balanced diet to ensure a significant change in the smell and saltiness of your bodily fluids. It is recommended that couples take Sugar Cum together so both can benefit and enjoy the oral sex experience; it takes two to dance under the sheets. Even if you’re flying solo and want to ensure your next sexual conquer is better than bittersweet go ahead and try Sugar Cum.

We at HIPLEASURES consider it one of the revolutionary supplements today.

Sugar Cum, for him and her; always eat responsibly.


Available in 2 pieces satchet and 60 pieces tub

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