Sta-Hard Cream 44ml

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Delay Crea, Stay Hard Crea, Sex Pheromones, Lubricant, California Exotics

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Elevate and extend your sensual performances with the Sta-Hard Cream. The smooth, slick and greaseless cream is designed to maximize your intimate play enjoyment and is suitable for first-time and experienced users. The unscented cream delivers maximum strength benefits for a prolonged rock hard erection. Apply the cream directly onto the penis, with fingertip application to ensure even coverage.

The sensual cream enhances the pleasure of penetration by maintaining a peak erection throughout foreplay and intercourse. Apply the high potency formula and elevate performance, stamina, and orgasmic pleasure. Once the effects of the cool to the touch cream kick in you can indulge in unlimited hard and fast love action that never ends. The erection maintenance cream makes a great addition to an exotic toy collection and is designed for use before every sensuous encounter.

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