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Fifty Shades

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A deviously indulgent full-body bondage kit designed to reliably secure a mate in classically pleasurable (and accessible) spread eagle style, the official Fifty Shades line of authoress-approved play gear presents the Stand To Attention Restraint Set.

Holding arms high over the head and legs parted, each limb immobilized with a softly lined cuff, this over the door set features a unique X shape joined in the middle for lots of securely. Four cuffs clip to several potential D-rings via rugged swiveling clasps- one on either side of the top straps capture the wrists while the three rings on each lower strap allow for height adjustment.

Setting up in in mere minutes, this travel-ready piece hangs suspended over a door and is secured beneath. Two cylindrical stoppers placed over-top and a pair of immobile ball bearings below hold the crossed straps in vertical readiness once the door is shut- for safety purposes, always play agasint the closed or room side of the door. For some playful peace of mind, hang the included double sided 'Grey at Play' sign on the knob first to discourage any interruption.

Once a mate's in place either facing the door or backed up agasint, continue setting your personalized Red Rook of Pain scene by slipping the included blindfold over their eyes. Soft and comfortable, conforming perfectly to facial contours for a total black-out effect, the potential for pleasure abounds.

* The Stand to Attention set is approximately 3' (.9m) from top to midpoint, it adjusts from another 3' (.9m) to a max of 4.5' (1.4m) from midpoint to bottom. Cuffs fit up to 4" (10cm) of wrist/ankle diameter.


E L James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, has released her collection of bondage, sex toys, and accessories that you will definitely find intriguing. The products encompass a range of adult genres including tamer massage oils and silk blindfolds to more elaborate bondage tools for getting creative in the bedroom. The Fifty Shades Of Grey range is designed to be affordable to all and allow those interested to experience all the scenes of the book in real life.

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