Sportsheets Starburst Tickler

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A starburst of gorgeous feathers on a 16 inch black wand.

Tickle and caress your partner.

Available in many colors to match your lingerie or costume.

Product features a card with sexy games and tips.

Ingredients: Rooster feather, plastic stick, rubber cap

Includes: 1 16 inch (40.64 cm) black feather



Do you prefer to have a drizzling feel inside the shower? Or get involved in a restraint play? If any of these seem to awaken your inner senses, then Sportsheets is your answer. Their lineup satisfies one and all be it “Restraint under the bed” or some “Sex & Mischief”.


These products provide you with a variety of positioning tools that give you and your partner a ride of a lifetime. Moreover, they are soft and leathery mimicking that feels like a human touch.


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