Sportsheets Queen Size Bed Sheet Cuff & Pad



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 Queen Size Bed Sheet Cuff and Pad

This Velcro compatible bed sheet will help you rule your domain. Includes four adjustable tethers, four industrial anchor pads, four Neoprene cuffs and one fitted Queen size bed sheet.

Why not Wear a Bondage Mask Australia

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Sportsheets Queen Size Bed Sheet Cuff & Pad Date Added: Thursday 27 November, 2014

by Ava, Bendigo

For quite some time we have toyed with the idea of getting a bondage sheet for our bed to take our relationship to the next level and a few weeks ago we took the plunge and purchased The Sportsheets Bondage Sheet. On its arrival we were stoked it came discreetly as promised and that the packaged when opened was nice. It clearly indicated what was in the box.
We took the sheet out and were surprised to find that they were super soft and comfortable. As good as an everyday sheet and we opened it up and saw the wrist and ankle restraints. I must admit seeing these and how they were going to be used on me caused a nice tingle to happen inside my body. So we fitted the sheet and went about the business of tying me up. I lay down on my stomach and a blindfold was placed over my eyes. It was an unusual experience to be unable to move but my senses more acute due to sight sensory deprivation.
We really had a lot of fun. My husband brought out a feather tickler and slowly began stroking my back and other areas. It was intense when he removed it as my body would be full of electricity wondering where he would place it next. To be quite honest I had a little orgasm whilst he was doing this but I didn’t let on. After a little while he positioned me which was really easy as the Velcro Cuffs can be moved a multiple of way and also to different parts of the body.
I could feel how turned on my husband was getting, being in total control of me and I must admit that it was quite a pleasure having no control and submitting to him. He was very sensitive and gentle to start and just when I was about to climax he pulled out of me and went down on me. You have no idea the juices that flowed from me and I came again and again on his face. Finally when I thought I could come no more he entered me and placed a choker around my neck cutting off the air. Immediately I started to come again with a fury that I had never felt before. I squirmed and thrashed but could not pull away from him and after a few moments collapsed onto our new bondage sportsheet. As I lay there recovering, and as he removed the choker, mask and cuffs from me a smile spread across my face as I thought of the different way we could use this product.
There are many accessories for the sheets, such as the Dildo Anchor Pads and the Hump Bump and Vibe, which having now purchased them add lots and lots of naughty fun!.
What I found about the product is that the queen size sheet fits snuggly to your mattress with the help of elastic straps and elastic bands. It does take a little time to get the sheet on and snug but it is well worth it. The sheet is made of a soft washable fabric that other Sportsheet accessories “attach” to. With this sheet comes 2 pairs of cuffs that are anchored to a base of very sticky Velcro. You can put the cuffs anywhere on the sheet so you can bond your partner in very interesting positions: which makes for great sex play. Once the cuffs are placed they are virtually impossible to get out of: by pulling against them: but are easily removed if a corner is lifted. The adjustable cuffs are made of a soft rubber so they are very comfortable when in use. They also have play in them so you can easily reach the corner of the base to lift it and get it loose from the sheet: having the cuffs attached flat on the bed makes bondage games very comfortable: which is the key to having mind blowing orgasms. If bondage is your game this will take it to the next level and I highly recommend it.

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