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They fasten by velcro and are made of polyester! Sometimes only restraining the hands is not enough. That's where the Deluxe Door Jam Cuffs come in handy. With four sets of adjustable restraint straps and cuffs, every limb can be restrained to any door. These brilliant bondage restraints just slip over and under your door. They are secured in place simply by closing it hard against the frame with the plastic cylinders on the back side of the door and the cuffs on the front side where you will be tying your partner up! Great for the adventurous travelers to try in hotels. Lovers all over adored our Door Jam Cuffs but wanted the whole body restrained.


We heard you and made them better with the addition of ankle cuffs to our popular kit. Adjustable for all heights. Tie up her hands and bind her legs - is she ready for a light spank or a playful tickle in all the right places? 2 Wrist/Ankle cuffs attached to 2 door straps . A doorway can be an excellent place to do a little bondage, and here is a way to enjoy it while saving your doors and doorways from marks and hardware. Deluxe Door Jam Cuffs are a set of high quality Velcro based Sports Cuffs with tethers that have a short plastic tube at the end. Throw them over the door and close it, and you have a quick and easy place to secure someone for a little fantasy play. For a quick release, just open the door. The soft tubes hold securely when the door is closed, but they won't mar or damage the door.


Sportsheets helps couples find new pleasure and explore new positions together with soft bondage and sexual positioning tools. The Sportsheets culture of innovation heavily influences our approach to marketing and customer and consumer outreach. The Sportsheets’ staff educates distributors, stores, and home parties on current sexual trends and the importance of employee education in selling couples products. The company creates brochures to educate end-users on techniques to increase sensation in their relationships through the use of their products. Several years ago, Sportsheets developed an instructional DVD to educate sex toy shop staff and those consumers who are too shy to ask for information. The success of the DVD program has shown the importance of consumer driven marketing.

Sportsheets lines include Sportsheets, Manbound, Sex In The Shower, Sex & Mischief, Under the Bed Restraint Systems.

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