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The Autoboss Battery-Powered Penis Pump with Vaginal Entry can help safely increase the length and girth of your penis, so it can look bigger and thicker whether flaccid or erect. It can also help you achieve and maintain an impressive erection. Plus, thanks to its realistic soft vaginal entry, it feels mind-blowing to use! To get started, first insert your penis into the tough, transparent plastic cylinder through the real-feel vaginal opening (you may wish to use lubricant). The chamber is long and wide enough to happily accommodate most men’s penis sizes: its overall length is 11 inches, with a 7.25 inch internal length, and a 2.45 inch internal diameter. Next, press the switch at the top of the device to turn on the battery power and increase the pressure inside the cylinder. The ensuing gentle yet effective suction will draw blood into the vessels within your penis, causing it to become larger and harder.


Being battery-powered, this pump works hard, but is also convenient and portable; there’s no need to find a socket to plug it into. It can even be used with just one hand! When you’re pumped to maximum volume or have finished having fun, simply turn the power switch off, and press the quick release valve to release the pressure inside the cylinder and withdraw yourself. Comes with four free stretchy erection rings to help you stay hard. Clean using antibacterial cleanser.


With an eye on the underserved market of advanced Domination ware, XR Brands have developed The Size Matters. A brand specifically chosen for the purveyors of advanced sex play. While certainly not for the faint of heart, this devious collection is comprised of all sorts of tools that will help you enlarge your body parts from clits to nipples and even penis enlargement

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