Sir Richard's Slick Dick's Safer Than Sin Toy Cleaner

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Sir Richards

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Getting dirty never felt so good. Now, keeping things clean is simple with our ultra-fine mist-spray toy cleaner. We like to make things easy. Spray, wipe clean, and get back to business. The gentle formula is body-safe and works on silicone and plastic toys.

Keep sex play safe and healthy. Slick Dick’s knows you’re going to sin, so we’ve got you covered. SAFER THAN SIN is formulated with mild, yet effective ingredients that will care for and help extend the life of your toys.

Looking to make your game smoother, better, and more enjoyable? We’ve got you covered. Introducing Slick Dick’s, a line of gentlemen’s products for everything below the belt, brought to you by Sir Richard’s.



A pioneer in the truest term, Pipedream is a company which is recognized all across the planet. The company has produced some top-notch sex toys over its span of operation. And when at the 17’ AVN event when it secured 4 nominations for the famous JimmyJane lineup, there were no surprises.  


Pipedream Products are also available at various adult shops online, and that company has also won numerous awards for their top-class products- some even winning the best sellers.


Some Pipedream adult toys include-Fantasy X tensions, Anal Fantasy Collection, Real Feel Deluxe, Wall Bangers, Pump Worx, Pipedream Extreme Dollz, Fetish Fantasy Gold, Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition, King Cock etc.! As stated each of them have their own uniqueness and will definitely meet your requirements. 


The best part is- they are pocket friendly.


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